Games you are looking forward to

What are some you guys are looking forward to later this year/early next year?

-Black Mesa: Source
-Modern Warfare 2

(All the other games i want to play are already out :P)

Batman is looking pretty good. The combat in the demo was kind of strange and I felt that there were too many buttons. The presentation, layout, and atmosphere of the game looks great.

Too many buttons? all you need to do is to direct attacks with WASD and leftclick like mad :D

OK some of these are out but i want them still XD

*L4D2 (because my clan is mad into L4D)

*Section 8

*Batman Arkim Asylum (360)

*Fallout: New Vegas

*Tiger Woods 2010 (360)

*Assassins Creed 2 (360)

*GTA4 Lost and Dammed (360)

*HL2 Ep3

*Global Agenda

Alot more that i cant remember right now XD!!!

You can't blame being from NZ when you type "Arkim asylum" lol.
It's Arkham

Darkest of Days

Resident Evil

Games suck

next week, bitches!

-these are the ones i plan to get
bioshock 2
mass effect 2
stalker call of pripyat
star craft 2 when ever its released

and depending on how wolfenstien reviews i might get it.

as for Modern Warfare 2... idk what im going to do as far as getting it... but what ever it is, it will not involve a dime from my pocket going to activison.


Bioshock 2
Assassins creed 2
Tekken 6 (yayyyy)
MAYBE mafia 2, depends how good it is.
Dirt 2 (basically GRID but with some dirt and more rally)

Batman Arkham Asylum ... Probably not too good, but I liked the fighting.. and the fact that he can ONLY hang onto old gargoyles..

King Arthur looks pretty good it's a combo of rpg/rts. seems solid :)


HL2:EP3 when ever it get's out

and Black mesa: source

Forgot to mention Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

And I don't even bother with StarCraft 2

i forgot operation flashpoint 2 aswell and also forgot dragon age origins

In no particular order;

Dragon Age: Origin
Mass Effect 2
Wolfenstein (Tomorrow!!!)
Black Mesa: Source
STALKER Call of Pripyat
the new Painkiller whenever it's due.
Operation Flashpoint 2