Games with Good Story Telling

I need some game sugestions.  I need a game that has similar story telling as Last of Us.  I borrowed a friends PS3 and have not had that much fun in a game in a since Bioshock 1.  I don't like the walking dead game.  Too bording for me if that helps.  I need some suggestions.

Have you played Bastion? because that game has a good story. I also suggest Metro 2033,

I guess what I am looking for is a AAA game like The Last of Us.  Don't get me wrong, I love Indie Games but I want to feel like I'm playing a 15 hour movie that keeps you stressed but has you having fun at the same time.

Not really a fan of metro series.  To FPS-like for me.

EDIT: I do like FPS game if the combat has something to it and the story keeps me involved.  I was not a fan of Bioshock Infinite because there was nothing to the combat.  The ending was very good but the FPS part I hated.  Loved Bioshock 1 because the combat had that extra stress to keep me involved t'll the end.

Try "Persona 4" its finally available on the playstation store. and it has an excellent story if you are into JRPGS, also try "The Darkness" its has an excellent dark Love Story with serious action.


Let me clarify.  I do not own a PS3.  I borrowed a friend's for a day.  Sorry for the confusion.  Not big into JRPGs.

so what platform are you specifically looking for PC?

I don't  know many AAA games that don't have a garbage story...most of them are designed around their multiplayer anymore. The last time I got engrossed in a video game story was when I played Dust: An Elysian Tale. TBH some indie games just have amazing stories. The last AAA game to get my attention with a good story was Bioshock Infinite.

Silent Hill 2 is pretty damn good. 

I think that red dead redemption (360/ps3) Grand theft auto IV (in particular over the others, it's more serious and you feel for the characters in a different way, it feels real, ps3/pc/360) Papo & yo (so FUCKING good PC/PS3) Battlefield bad company series actually connects you with the characters :o ps3/360/pc{consoles only for bc1}) Beyond: two souls (ps3) Also gears of war definitely got me in the third one (360) and The walking dead telltale games series is very good too (ps3/pc/360) :)

Also Papo & yo is the only not AAA title there apart from maybe the walking dead

I have never played the last of us, but if you are after a good story you should play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It is an older game, but one of my all time favorites. If you haven't played it I urge you to give it a chance. The graphics are dated but I don't think they get in the way of the story telling and it has some of the best voice acting and well developed characters of all time. It is also one of those games where your decisions really matter. In my own personal opinion, this game puts Mass Effect 3 to shame. And fear not, it is nothing like SW:ToR.

If you can borrow the PS3 again, I would HIGHLY recommned the Uncharted series also by Naughty Dog (especially 2+3). They are my favorite PS3 games I have and are the only few I have replayed multiple times. If you like Indiana Jones and adventure/action. The story is surprisingly one of the best parts of them. 

-Portal 2, a must play.


-Half Life 2


Was thinking Silent Hill 2.  This is just an assurance for me to play.  Not really a Star Wars guy.  Feel like it's over done.  Have played BC2. I'll have to check out Papo & Yo.  Friend doesn't own Uncharted Series for god knows why.  Have played Portal 1 & 2, Skyrim and Half Life.

Other ideas?