Games windows live (windows 8) Broken

Has anybody got a fix for games for windows live on windows 8/10, I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it with compatibility mode windows 7 to no avail .

I either get one of these two error messages;

1.The Client must point to the same Windows Live ID environment as the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant service


"Connection error
Can't start the program. There may be a problem with your Internet connection or the LIVE service.
Open Internet Explorer and try to open a Web page. If you can't, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you can browse the Internet, you can find more help in the Internet connection problems help file."
Any Help would be greatly appreciated :) 

You need to Re-Install games for windows live to fix this issue. Microsoft Got Rid of it on PC but when they did,

it broke all the games that used it. so you need to Google search Games For Windows Live Client and Re-install that shit program to make your GFWL games work again.

Thanks Kat for your advice, I tried this to and its still not working

Have you tried Launching your games?

if that little menu shows up to tell you to log in to a live account (Your Xbox Live Account) then the game should be working as it used to. cause i have a few games for windows live games that i still play today and after microsoft got rid of GFWL it wouldn't let me play them at all. so i just re-installed that shit client and the games started to work again.

Once I installed the game I went to Microsoft's website (Here) and downloaded it separately as well and it worked.