Games to take out anger

1: Get mischief makers (N64)
2: Grab pedestrian, and alternate between shaking slamming against the ground.
3: ????
4: profit

Co op is even harder :P you need perfect synergy

Hotline miami was a great game, I beat it, it was challenging, i'd play it again but not to blow off steam, that is not even an option.

right, completely forgot about Hatred, thanks rubs hand while breathing heavily

Funny answer: Hatred (when it comes out). Otherwise go play something like counter strike or hotline miami.

Better answer: go outside and physically exhaust yourself. Take up martial arts or a sport (I recommend hockey) and just got nuts.

Games to Release the Tension?

The Darkness II

Oh and "Hatred" when that comes out very soon.

go outside: it's nothing like January, but it's still below freezing temp outside, and let me tell you, my ~115 pounds of skin and bones HATE cold.

can't afford to lift weights and martial art are a joke in my area.

I run in a tank top during winter nights out to the forest for 2-4 hours. Try it and you will know. Again you don't have to go outside for physical exercise, however it's a nice combo. I don't see how you can't afford to light scrap iron, but however, you can afford to lift your own body, do callisthenics.

I wouldn't suggest video games as a go to, especially the ones that involve violence, whenever you fail at a particular mechanic you will simply perpetuate the annoyance and the result is further anger. Make due with what you got, the wonderful thing is that you don't need anything, no excuses, all your need is a body.

I giggled at CS, you think getting my face blown off by an AWP from across the map at the start of a round and having to wait the entire thing to do that again is going to be fun? I'd rather just not think about it...

Just play casuals and run around with an AK tearin up people lol

Yeah, that game = rage. Probably not good to help with anger.

i have no room nor the money for it for it


You need a non violent game like Cities Skylines. That is my tip. Or even better, Euro Truck Simulator 2. Something easy and something that can make your mind go away and rest for a while ;) It helps me. Action packed games is NOT the best solution for this.

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There are better ways to relieve stress but if we are strictly talking about video games then difficult games can sometimes do it for me. The enjoyment and fulfillment of figuring out something challenging. There is just something therapeutic about getting killed or beat by something over and over and then finally overcoming the challenge.

Dark Souls
Binding of Isaac
Super Meat Boy

If this isn't your style, then Chivalry Medieval Warfare. There is nothing more gratifying then the way you mercilessly punish your foes. Hearing the sound of your enemy scream while burning to death from a fire-pot you just thew at his head will bring a smile to anyone's face. Or swinging your claymore at just the wrong time and accidentally decapitating a team mate.

too late for that lol, i masturbate daily and there's little to no stress relieve, life=rekt m8.

i'd go for sex but considering how I can't meet woman to save my life let alone getting a girlfriend.

that was in casual...

Day at the shooting range perhaps?

That's no good, it definitely leads to destructive lifestyle. Get yourself out if it, only you can do it. Change one habit at a time and do so by taking small steps. Set yourself up to win and when you fail do so fast and in manageable ways. Get your shit together son. We've all been there, life is a process, live in the now and don't define (limit) yourself by the past, and don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will be decided by your actions today.

yeah i'm getting my ass handed to me by the gargoyle trying to cut its tail off, i'm being told the game is way easier if you buy a bow and kill the bridge dragon or whatnot and get the sword he drops but i'm not into getting told the easy way to beat the game, i'd rather fuck that gargoyle up my own way even if it's hard.

but that's not a thing I will do while enraged.