Games to take out anger

Hi people, recently I've had several episodes where I just have the urge to go berserk (things are not going too well) and I have this undying rage i just can't take out on things or people obviously and I can't just scream my lungs out, I have neighbors and a "family".

So games being my main way of coping with all my shit, I'd look for a game to blow of A LOT of steam, something not too easy but not really challenging since getting killed would probably make me even more mad:

GTA doesn't make it for me: pacing is too slow, and cops can get annoying really quickly.
SuperSmashBros/MK/versus fighters are too easy to lose.

I think [Prototype] would be a good fix, I've played it in the past, slamming pedestrians faces against wall/ground and slashing my way downtown, killing NPCs as a mutated human mess sounds like a plan.

But I still want to hear you guys out, what are your go to games when you're mad?

Just cause 2. Sometimes the multiplayer.
There's nothing better than a plethora of explosions to calm you down.

Its good to let some steam out, the first game that came to mind was Hotline Miami

Edit: Oh wait, "not too challenging"

Well it depends what kind of player you are. Some games like World of Tanks rather generate anger and frustration for me.
I have not played the new Wolfenstein yet, but it seems to be a solid shooter and might even take the anger of your mind by an interesting story.
You could also try the Goat Simulator :)

Please do this: Go outside and sprint or lift weights or start some martial art. You need this.

Just give it a try, get exhausted periodically and your mentality (Neurochemistry) will be different. Your body is trying to trick you to work out. Here, you can listen 1:26:19 to 1:28:43 or rewind and listen to the whole episode, it's pretty fun.

Trust me playing video games won't be anywhere near as effective, you'll act cunty and destructive and you will get the feedback for this from your environment, people will notice and let you know, in one way or another. You can really get into a bad spot in life for such a silly reason and not realize why, don't walk this path it's filled with ignorance and confused regret. Be outside more as well.


Great idea

Exactly this! Sport is a much better method to deposit anger and aggression.

One Finger Death Punch...Believe me it works.

Between us though exercise will work better,

I also believe this is the way to go for you. Sex is also an pretty effective chill pill however not always available especially in an annoyed state of mind.

As for games any fast paced shooter might be enjoyable for you. Any quake like shooter or even modern shooters where death has little consequence is probably what you should be looking at.

I recommend getting a boxing bag, let out your frustration on it and at the same time you're getting some exercise, win/win.

I'd just like to point out though that sex and masturbation does not have the same effect on you, and secondly it increases impulsive behaviour among other things, so definitely don't overdo it it can wreck your life.

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@TEARS True. (cant watch the video atm, but i think I've seen it). Let me add this in my opinion fitting Oscar Wilde quote to my comment: " Everything in moderation, including moderation". :)

Wii sports resort, the sword fighting thing where you whack the wii people with a plastic dildo.

Go hiking, or do go wherever situation that is causing the rage isn't.

Find someone to talk to pent up anger isn't healthy. And focus on trying to resolve the issue.

Hotline Miami man, so fucking good. Or you could play Bleed, but considering it made me do this

and I was perfectly calm before playing this than IDK.

Postal 2.

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People will just tell you that you're a knob if you go online in that mood. Take up thai boxing or just get a punching bag and beat it until your hands start to bleed. It takes the edge. So should "spanking a monkey" I hear, but I think that sounds kind of cruel and I'm not sure where you'd get one.

*Seriously, stand up and do something with your body.

If games are your method of stress-relief, you'll probably need a variety. Some sort of arena-based twitch shooter (like 2013 Rise of the Triad) may be great for a bit, for its mindless gory fun, but might get frustrating on the same token that it is a twitch shooter. (Although not a twitch-shooter, TF2 is good mindless fun, although working with people can be a pain in the ass. Borderlands 2 might be a good option.)

Similarly, some sort of action RPG, like Diablo 3, is good mindless fun, with all the gore.

Perhaps mixing it up with some type of puzzle-game might be a good thing. Trine 2 and the Portal series are good, light-hearted games that are to play, and make you think a bit. That could be a good way to improve your mood since it has humor, and forces you to think a bit differently.

If you wanted to fool yourself into being more productive - again, changing your mindset - there are games like Minecraft and Stronghold series. Stronghold might be the better choice, since it requires less patience, and you have the choice of sending in invasions, in the free build mode.

If I am not trying to complete a certain game, I often cycle through several games. Right now, I have Sid Meier's Beyond Earth, for more of that slow-paced thinking game, and Metro 2033 Last Light and Delver, for more of the quicker-paced action-based game.

Anyway, like other have said, sometimes gaming isn't going to help fix the problem. Try going out for a long walk, or listening to some music. (Have a good cry, even.) I'm not sure what is best for you, but be sure to explore your options to find out what is for you.

I like to play Dont Starve, because then I'm thinking of surviving, instead of other real life problems. You could play dark souls, then people could see why your upset.

Once Hatred is released, I think it will be perfect for this purpose.