Games to play when bored

What are some must play games? dosent matter how old or how new just good games that i should play.

Super Mario Brothers

Face palm. 

you mean casual games or you mean a game you can just pick up and play?

That depends on what kind of game you want to play.  Go to Steam>Games>Free To Play.  I recommend Tribes, Star Trek Online, Lord of The Rings Online, Realm of The Mad King, Team Fortress 2, Spiral Knights is kind of cool.  Planetside 2 is pretty fantastic as well.



The Binding of Isaac! An excellent zelda-like game, with randomly generated dungeons, plenty of items to collect, dozens of different enemy types, plenty of boss battles, all thrown together and presented in a fantastically morbid art style. You can get it on Steam right now for 5$ (although I bought my copy during the Summer sale for 1.25$). There's also a DLC pack (The Wrath of the Lamb) which adds a bunch more enemy types, more boss battles, and even more items. 

i play minecraft, borderlands1&2 and tower defence type games when im a cut section of a tree