Games to play on my elderly laptop

So hey. Long time since I made my last post here.

I'm leaving to countryside tomorrow and I need some games to play on it.

Laptop specs:
Pentium 740
Radeon X700
Don't worry about the storage or OS.

I have no preference in games. I've downloaded CS 1.6 and Osu! so far.

Cheers! I hope you have a nice day!


The game needs to be a single player, since I have no internet at all.

@Theonewhoisdrunk @Cody_Keys what was that one game you were posting in the lounge the other day? can't remember the name.

Blade and Soul or that driving game?
Edit: OutDrive
Oh probably Undertale
Good game if you got a few hours to spare.

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Oh damn. You just reminded me Mount and Blade: Warband.

Might try that.

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Yeah, undertale is the one!

Undertale is kind of meh for me though. And I checked the OutDrive's requirements. Don't think it runs on Shader Model 2.

Could always load up some emulators and play some older games.

Well, I'm looking for all the suggestions possible.

Long Live the Queen is pretty fun and challenging if you know what you are doing.
Also majority of Visual Novels have insanely low requirements. Higurashi Onikakushi and 2nd volume currently out.
Also Papers Please.

I found out, that I have Papers Please installed actually, but Long Live the Queen might drive me crazy with micromanagement.

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For older games I would go here.

These are some of the games I have:
Caesar 3
Pharaoh Gold
Zeus and Poseidon

Baldur's Gate 1&2
Icewind Dale 1&2
Planescape Torment.
Dungeon Keeper

You may want to try System Shock 2. It was made by the creator of Bioshock. I've heard that it's even better. It was on the internet so it has to be true:)

They also have a bunch of Dos games.

Here are a couple of free games. Elder Scrolls one and two:


Thanks buddy. Those Elder Scrolls series look awesome actually. Arena looks more interesting actually.

Try OpenTTD, Half Life 1, Civ 3, Fallout 1-2-Tactics, Wasteland 1 (maybe 2), FF7, Shovel Knight, Terraria, Prison Architect, Maybe KSP (dunno how it would do on your CPU), W40K: Dawn of War & it's spinoffs, the earlier Prince of Persia games, the classic XCOM games, possibly TES Morrowind, Bleed, any of the Isaac games, Cave Story, Don't Starve, possibly Dungeon Siege, SM's Pirates, maybe SM's Starships, ..

Yeah, that's just stuff I've personally touched and think are good. This is why PC is such a powerful platform.

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Oh. I might actually install Fallout 3. I wasn't so big on earlier series. KSP was a pain to run though, even the earlier demos. Prince of Persia series was the first fighting game series I touched probably. Totally forgot about Sid Meier's series.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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I would also mention emulation of older machines. SNES, NES, PS1, maybe PS2, there are a huge number of absolutely brilliant classic titles there.

  • Spyro
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Mario
  • Earlier FF titles
  • and so much more

However, I frankly have no idea about whether you own any of these games, or if the legal landscape has changed concerning them or what, so I won't actually recommend emulation. That's something to think about and research for yourself.

It's a shame, KSP is much fun. Especially modded.

I could possibly try emulating some PS1 games etc.

I do know, that KSP is a lot of fun. I have a main desktop that i can play most games on I desire. It kind of kills me over a long time though.

It was my pleasure. You may also try Jade Empire It's a hidden gem.

Any particular reason not to bring the desktop?

Well, I'd rather not carry my desktop around with both of my monitors, speakers, headphones and other peripherals. Plus I will leave only for 1-2 days and I go by bus.

@JuliaOnly Jade's Empire looks kind of interesting, might try this one as well.