Games to Play for PGP Streams

So I was thinking the last day watching one of the streams when someone was talking about recommendations that maybe having a thread for it would be good.

Offer up suggestions to get a bit of discussion going and act as a game choice generator for the team!

Basically games that take well to the format. The way I see it a good game is:

  • One that PGP will want to play (no sincerity == no beuno)

  • Allow multiple players to play together in a coherent group, accommodating the triumvirate. Additionally, the ability to solo stream.

  • Optionally, the ability for viewers, to play with PGP when appropriate

All of these points being present is preferable though if the game exceptionally fills one role then exceptions are made (e.g. a single player game that one member wanted to play and had the time/willingness to stream).

Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Seige, Osiris: New Dawn, Civilisation 6, Insurgency

The above seem to be on the list already, with a few I have no doubt missed but they are good examples.

To kick off I would like to suggest Mehcwarrior online. I think it would be a great choice (recently picked it back up and I remember how brilliant it is, pew pew robots)

You can join solo queue games, you can team up, people could hop in or it could be kept just the 3.

Variety is the spice of life and as we all know: the spice must flow.




The Forest
Master Of Orion
Rome 2 Total War (possibly older ones, like Medieval II / Shogun 2/Empire)
Serious Sam
Osiris New Dawn
Left 4 Dead 2
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade
Civilization V / Civilization VI




already played it.

Postal 2.

would love to see them play this

We did a short series on the Forest a while back. I think we played it around Halloween.

Also don't think @ryan will go for L4D2, but I also like that game haha. Anything team-based or sandboxy is good, in our experience; survival style games work well because we can explore the game with the viewers.


The Forest is a good survival game, and is considered a horror one at that.

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I want Krista to stream Alien again. That stream was so damn fun :( .


Ultimate Chicken Horse?

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They never played versus
doesn't like it

Genital Jousting

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I've always thought the total war games would be good but it is my understanding that you can't do 1v1v1 in the newer ones (if any). Ideally I think we'd want to do that, 2v1 would be unfair and drafting someone from twitch for a 4th, as we have experienced many times, will tip the balance horribly.

The other problem with RTS games like Warhammer is that @kreestuh only enjoys building 'pretty' bases and if you attack them she gets legit salty and ragequits.

L4D2 is garbage.

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"You destroyed my vision" - Kreestuh

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That game is great for 10 minutes of hilarity. Beyond that it gets kinda old.

Still best 5 dollar game I've bought.

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Aragami... It have co-op and single player... Love the game...

Its a couple of years old now, and admittedly I haven't played in a while, but did anyone play Damned?

That could be a laugh

Goldeneye Source would be pretty cool to see them stream but I am not sure it fits the requirements they look for.

Diablo III or the like?

I want to see them all play TIS-100 and collab on super discrete assembly.

Personally I've been really enjoying Terraria lately.

Not sure if it's the kind of game they would want to stream, but the multiplayer is really fun if you like the game.

Also been playing a game called Roguelands that is pretty fun. Might be worth a look.