Games, that most surpassed your expectations

Well, we have most disappointing games thread, we should also have a positive one. So what is the game, that most surpassed your expectations positively?
For me in the last 5 years there was 3 games I did not expect anything from and ended up loving...
Skyrim. I played Skyrim on a friends PC, ended up buying it. In my Top5 all time favorites.
Dark Souls 1. People say it's a great game. I watched some gameplay and then got the game. Brilliant game. Top5 of all time. Once it actually clicks in your mind you'll appreciate it even more.
Hand Of Fate. Didn't expect anything. Had a lot of fun. Amazing game IMHO. Top5... Each round is it's own story and I love the card and deck building mechanics in the game.
What's yours?

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MGSV - As my first Metal Gear game, (yeah yeah I know) it was amazing to see how Kojima crafted that game, it's story, and the cinematography. Blew me away

Witcher 3 - It was amazing how everything in that came seemed Handcrafted. Even though that's a big industry buzz word, it's true here. Every town and it's inhabitants are deliberate. Every person in Novigrad actually seems sentient, not just AI set to walk around. Also makes me hate Fallout 4's dialogue even more than already since CDProjekt Red did it so well.

Dark Souls 3 - If you're a fan, you get it. SO deep, so beautiful, such fantastic movement and combat flow

Wolfenstein: The New Order - I grew up with Wolfenstein, so seeing that Machine Games got it right and did such a good job updating it was so satisfying.


Here we go....

  • Mass Effect: I didn't expect much of it when I bought it, now it is one of my favourite games of all times.
  • LoL. A friend of mine persuaded me to try it. Even though I don't play it anymore we had lots of fun.
  • Saint's Row IV: Accidently purchased it and was amazed how well I liked this game.

That seems about right. I expected much and was rewarded with... mucher :D


Have you played 1? Because as a huge fan of 1 I can strongly disagree 3 have better battle system and whatever else.
Full disclosure, I have not played 3, but I see what it have done in regards to gameplay changes and I do not think they are improvement on the formula.

Game Dev Tycoon
Oh boy. That game was way more fun then I paid for and expected.

Iron Brigade
Did not know what to expect, then spent 60 hours enjoing it with friends. Great art style!

Had it siting in my library for half a year, then rushed through it within two days.

After the developers stating it was not as good, I jumped in with a friend. Had an amazing time playing it.


After CitiesXL's eternal memory leak and the failure that was the latest SimCity, I had given up on the whole genre.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Saints Row IV...
Bought this before GTA V PC came out because I was desperate to keep myself occupied til then, didnt think itd be anything amazing but thought itd tide me over for a while. 50 hours later and I've got to say, I havent had that much fun playing a story game in a hell of a long time.

Ori and the Blind Forest
Holy hell, I didnt expect this game to take me in as much as it did. The raw emotion and beautiful artwork totally blew me away, no exaggeration.

Euro Truck Simulator 2
I bought this thinking itd be a novelty for a few weeks and Id probably abandon it. Boy was I wrong, it had me playing every single night for an entire year (accumulating 80 hours of game-play eventually) and the only reason I havent played again is because my laptop got too hot while playing it. Now I have a decent Thinkpad, Il have to get back into it.


Oh yeah... I forgot about this baby... Honestly I expected it to be boring, 50 hours later I am still waiting the boredom to come...

Same here, I spent so long holding off buying it because of thinking that... Its so relaxing too (or at least I find it to be) its my go to wind down game.

Rocket League... I got it on sale for less than $10 and now have 287 hours in it. The game is more fun than I thought it had any right to be.

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witcher 1
wicher 2
Shadow of Mordor
Battle for Middle Earth 1

[for those that list witcher 3, i think are wrong; they delivered less in release and built on later.]

Yeah, I have and love 1. The combat is smoother via native 60 fps and better animations. It's also much more active, as rolling and dodging is much more prevalent and fluid

1) Saints Row IV. Got it on a summer sale with no idea what to expect. Got some really good laughs, enjoyable game play, and super powers....what more do you want?
2) Ori and the Blind Forest. Best modern platformer in YEARS.
3) Shadow of Mordor. After all the crap about WB paying for positive reviews, I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a GREAT post-work game where I could just pour myself a glass of bourbon and kill some orcs.

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Waves, and the sequal Waves 2.
Was a cheap nothing game I didn't expect much from, but it was so much fun for a top down shooter.

  • The 1st mass effect...I just expected a nice sci-fi rpg and ended up one of the most memorable games i have played.

  • Witcher 1 and 2. (maybe even W3 at a level...I was hyped for it like crazy and still it was more than i expected, even if i assume only the main game)

  • Planescape Torment. No internet reviews back then...I expected a good BG clone when i took it from the selves but it was so much more...

  • All the Divinity Games with Original Sin as the most unexpected. I knew it would be a nice traditional RPG but the quality of the battle system took me by complete surprise...

  • Riven also back in the day...

Nidhogg was a very pleasant surprise, but none of my friends want to pvp, they just can't digest the visual style.

The number one game that blew me away (relative to my expectations) was Legend of Grimrock 2.
After playing LoG 1, I kind of expected something similar, but it just was just improved in every possible way and the attention to the puzzles and details just left me dumbfounded. When I finished it, I had to resist the urge to stand up and applaud.

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Tie Fighter
Terminal Velocity
Anything labled "Microsoft Games" that was actually good

I bought it on Kickstarter before I knew about all those games that get funded and are never worked on. This game has been consistently updated with quality content and I have spent more hours then I care to think about playing it. I never expected it to change so much and I'm excited to see what it'll become.

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