Games struggle


I have a big struggle guys. Can you help me to find good games to play? I tried to search on steam and gog and looked on few sites with their top 5 or indie etc, but it`s not what i want.

A long time i dreamed about new PC, my was already 8 years old, i played only minecraft, UT and starcraft2.

And now i have beastly x99 build, but i burned out with minecraft, maybe because it has not any updates a long time... With other game same situation. Tried Space Engineers, nice game but too grindy and too alpha, more for multiplayer fun.

It`s strange and shamefull for me to ask someone for something like that but maybe someone had the same struggle?

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You should tell us more about the kinds of games you're into. I could tell you that Binding of Isaac, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2 Half Life 1 and 2, Portal, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Most Tomb Raider games, Trine 2 are amazing games and that I've played them a lot but it may not fit your tastes.

Also, no I don't have the same struggle, I always end up finding a game in my library I want to play again or a new original indie game coming out :D

Witcher 3
Guild Wars 2
Valiant Hearts
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Dirt - Rally
Dragon Age Origins
Tomb Raider
Batman Arkham Origins
Watch Dogs
IL2 Sturmovik - Battle for Stalingrad

hard to say without knowing what kind of games you like.

Oh thank you guys, will look at each game :)

I played:
Minecraft, a lot of minecraft...
Minecraft FTB
UT 3, UT 4
Space Engineers
StarCraft 2
SimCity 3
Diablo 3
Grid, Grid 2
Hotline Miami
Not A Hero
Caesar 3
Dying Light

Half Life 2 played a looong time ago, was a great time! :) Same stuff with GTA, played a lot Vice City, but looked at new GTA 5, and i don`t know, but something wrong with it, hmm i see only nice realistic graphics and thats all.

Staying in a single genre will leave you burned out. Further than that, being stuck in one game for so long can leave you un-inspired and un-fit when something new comes to light. You have that x99 build, but graphics quality only takes you so far when looking for a renewed vigor. You have to broaden your horizon a bit by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Soul search a little and see what you are willing to invest.

Quick ties to your interests you may want to go with a survival mmo or another direction with a city builder like Skylines or Cities XL series. Dungeon Defenders II is an action packed tower defense that could occupy half a year.

Where sometimes you're looking for something that fits between long haul investments. I'd recommend titles like Bioshock Infinate, Batman Arkham Origins or Darksiders II in that case. Great games.

Civ 5, Command & Conquor RE3, Trine & Trine 2, Dragon Age: Origins... Dirt 3, CS:GO. Maybe you can look into the depth of the Mass Effect trilogy or learn how to make a Skyrim mod. The longer you game the further you associate the core fundamentals of gameplay as repetitious and tedious. Make yourself well-rounded and you'll be more apt to maintain your innocence.

Thank you everybody!

Yeah, tried WoW, played a week or so, MMO really not my thing.

With strategies, i see that now not really much of type like Age of Empires, Rise of Nations etc.

Downloading Bioshock, Dirt 3 and Darksiders II now.

Darksiders II and Dirt 3 you're going to want to use a controller for. Very cool. Have fun.

WIth minecraft and starcraft2, want to mention that i was VERY involved, in SC2 got to diamond 3x3 leagues, but game presure was so high, and if you don`t play often, season ends and you need to start again with novice leagues and it is not fun at all.

You'll feel the itch again for something of that magnitude... it's a process.

I never played 1v1 because of presure, in 3x3 you can play a little bit easy some times. It was 2 years ago too. But yeah, it was a lot of fun!

You have a different need. I suggest you take up archery and come back in a year. The patterns always exist and like you, I can't ignore them. The only solution at that lvl is to walk away and come back fresh. You'll step back into gaming with entirely different taste buds.