Games for netbook

Im looking for some games to play on my netbook. It has got a 1.6 ghz intel atom n270 processor with the integrated graphics. So it isnt powerful at all. The os is also lubuntu.

Any recommendations?

Faster Than Light.  

Look into some open source games. OpenTTD and Battle for Wesnoth are my favorites. There are tons out there, in varying stages of completeness and polish.

Maybe look into roguelike games if you haven't already. Those tend to run very well in Linux-based systems and those with no GPU power to speak of.

Also check out old adventure games

as well as old nintendo consoles emulators

Thanks alot guys. I will definitely look at opentdd and ftl. What are some of the better roguelikes you would recommend?


I got a n64 emulator working really well on my netbook that has a n450 1.6 GHz atom CPU.