Games for Master Race Noob?

So I'm going to admit, I'm definitely a MR noob. By noob, I mean I have never played a game with keyboard and mouse. My parents were pretty strict about what went on their computer and by the time I decided to build my own, I was already 22. At that point, I was a pretty enthusiastic gamer, but only on console. So now, the keyboard+mouse combo just feels weird to me and is difficult to get used to. I know a lot of games have controller support so I could just plug in an Xbox controller, but I really want to get the ball rolling on trying to use keyboard+mouse.

So here's my question:
What games would you recommend to someone who isn't used to playing with keyboard+mouse? Preferably something with single-player of some sort that I could turn the difficulty down on until i figure out how to use it better.

Thanks in advance!

Try any fallout (3, new vegas, 4), if it becomes too hard you could always fall back to VATS targetting

Skyrim. It's basically a PC exclusive in the sense that the modding community on PC is HUGE and there is no Skyrim for current-gen consoles at this time. Some games I prefer a controller, but Skyrim is definitely a mouse/keyboard game.

Fallout 3 Challenge mode: Try to aim


I didn't even think about the RPGs! I was thinking some kind of action/adventure game, but that would be way better! I'm a big fan of Fallout so I will probably do that first. Not a fan of Skyrim (I would tell you why, but there is no legitimate reason. Great game, just not my flavor) but you're absolutely right about the modding community. And from what I have seen, Fallout's community is similar in that way.

I've only used kb/m on gtav for my pc and it's much more intuitive for me than when i was back on console.

You should see a benefit in all fps games, really the only way to play RPGs on pc is with kb/m. The only games i play with a controller anymore are rocket league and whatever is on my psx emulator (for obvious reasons).

You should definitely start with the classic Doom games. They are simple enough in gameplay and super easy to get into. Plus there are tons of custom wads to explore. It's how I learned to use mouse and keyboard for FPS's.

Fallout, Quake, Alien Isolation, Myst, League of Legends, Dota, World of Warcraft, World of Warships, Wasteland 2, SMITE, Mount and Blade Warband, Elder Scrolls, Overwatch, Deus Ex, Fable 1, Quake, Dragon Age, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD, Executive Assault, Planetary Annihilation, Dan't Starve (bastan edition), Empyrion, Banished, Borderlands, Amnesia, Splinter Cell 1 (the only good one ever), Hack Slash Loot, GTA, Garrys mod, Magic 2014 payday, rocket league, stronghold HD, thief, unholy heights, undertale.



Its not like you have to completely give up the controller (unless you just want to). I was a life-time console gamer as well until 2 years ago, but my XB1 controller still sees HEAVY use. Single-player RPG, MMO, fighting, adventure and open world games, I still play with a controller and do very well even in PvP.

Sometimes analog movement/driving/flying gives more of an advantage than the precision of a mouse, in my experience. Even in some competitive shooters like BF4, I find that sniping is easier with an analog stick where I can lead the target with smooth, continuous movement of the scope, but still mostly use kb/m because I mostly play as Assault class.

For me it was just COD1-2, Age of Empires 2, and Warcraft 3. So any fps & rts will do just fine.

Then later I had to learn how to move in World of Warcraft so that my autoattacks wont break, so I had to just keep view towards the enemy and basically spin around players who are also moving. Me and my friend did spend few days just perfecting that. This one is extremely difficult as it forces to keep on turning and moving till other loses.

Another point I noted from another friend was that too many things made his head just blank, overwhelmed. So, try to keep it simple like 2-3 skills, one or two large armies, or one or two cities?

I would start with games designed around the keyboard+mouse.
These tend to be games in the RTS/4x/Sim games and maybe some Tactical Turn-based RPGs, as well as FPS games. BUT, before jumping to FPS which will require a bit more accuracy with your mouse input, I would start with something a little more slower pace so you can get use to the feeling of mouse and keyboard. Personally, I would start with Civ5 or a Sim game in the vein of Cities:Skyline, Rollercoaster Tycoon (or if there are any modern equivelents), or even The Sims. These have a much slower pace than an RTS giving you plenty of time to make your actions without having to worry about the encroaching enemy.

You lso have options like X-Com which is a goog tactical turn based RPG complete with PC levels of difficulty, however, since it is turn-base, you will have plenty of time to get comfortable with the mouse.
Stepping up is FPS. FPS's while now dominant on all platforms, were originally designed for the PC, and the PC really shines with FPS as there is no better way to control an FPS than with a mouse. Unfortunately, if you aren't use to a mouse, this might be a difficult adjustment, but if there is any way to learn, then it might be to get any FPS, drop it to it's easiest setting and just run through the game while trying to find the most comfortable way for you to play with a mouse and a keyboard.

A good thing to keep in mind, a keyboard and mouse has it's limits, and some people have different preferences on what type of games they prefer mouse and keyboard or prefer a controller with.
For example, most racing games, platforming games, beat'em up games, fighting games, and some third person games I prefer using a controller to play. Sometimes, depending ont he varrying levels of action in the game I will use a keybaord and mouse sometime, and in the middle of the game I will switch to a controller, like in the new Tomb Raider. During the platforming section, it was more comfortable to use a controller, but when there was a lot of action I would switch to keyboard and mouse for better aiming.

Play with what you are most comfortable, and if you want to learn how to be more comfortable with mousey keyboard, then once in awhile, instead of using a controller, try to use the mousey keyboard for a little.

edit: so many typos - sorry. I typed it all in a rush and now I don't have time to fix them all. Forgive my messy typing!

Honestly the first stuff I started with on PC was RTS. As for FPS, Half Life 2 is one of my all time favorites. It's not so fast paced that the entire game relies on your ability to aim. I would throw that on easy and give it a go. Portal is also good. You aren't fighting anything so you have time to chill while you get used to using the controls.

My personal favorite games are the Half Life series and Bioshock. Particularly Bioshock Infinite and its DLC. Life is Strange also tops my list as it was an amazing and very very well written game. It's third person and should get you some practice using the mouse while having a very low penalty for inexperience.

Dude he wanted games to learn controls on not your entire Steam library.

I would suggest Fallout 4
It's a solid shooter of course, and the combat is straight forward which is good for aiming and general combat and movement, but the base building is a good way to learn your way around the keyboard. fiddling with the console and the easy mod system are also good bonuses as it is just more PC practice.

It's also a big game where you can take your time and the easy difficulties are certainly easy for your use case.

Just mind the high level Mirelurks!!
and get the Full Dialogue mod!!

If your coming from a console try some of the games you had on console like maybe cod or battlefield I used to play allot of xbox and xbox 360 but now I've changed over to the glorious pc master race it feels more nature and accurate but now I cant go back after have 200fps in csgo xD

Doom, the new one. It's one of the few modern shooters which are heavily movement focused, you'll have to aim, move, jump and shoot at the same time, something which is very hard to do with a controller. That ought to give you an appreciation of the benefits of a keyboard and mouse.

But really any game where aiming is important is much better with a mouse. You'll get the hang of it, any control scheme is weird when you're new to it.

I think for someone completely new to mouse and keyboard Firewatch is a good starting point. It is pretty, story driven and you don't have to be precise for anything. After that something like portal is probably a good way to go. After that you can just pick any shooter really.

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I would give some strategy games a try. Like Civ5, Europa Universalis, Xcom, Grey Goo, and Planetary Annihilation.

Yes, like anything in there would be perfect to learn off of.

You could emulate some Wii games on your PC provided you have a decent CPU like an i3.

Playing Mario Kart Wii on my laptop at dual native resolution with anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing with keyboard mappings for the controls was the most fun I've ever had. I don't even need a Wii anymore.

The people who made Dolphin are true MasterRace gurus, because they've turned Gamecube and Wii games into some awesome PC games.

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I love how people just jumped in and asked the dude to play games, he can already play on console...
Fallout 3 is CRAP on any windows after XP, FPS games are not really a thing, that a person, just coming from consoles will be impressed with. He is used to the smoother aim assist and all the console crap... Now with mouse he will be kind of culture shocked.
Try STRATEGY games. Something you can't play on console. Something that will help you with controlling the mouse and keyboard before you get into FPS genre and really appreciate the huge difference. Try stuff you can't play on console. Older stuff you have missed throughout the years... Being a complete idiot i will say try Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2, try Heroes of Might and Magic (3 is the best, but if it is too old for you, try 5), try Civ 5 with "Beyond Earth expansion", try Banished with Mods, try Skyrim with mods, because Skyrim with Mods have nothing to do with Skyrim Vanilla. After you are comfortable with your mouse controll, then go to the FPS and try the games, that you enjoyed on console. One old but really good game is STALKER... Any of the big 3...
That's it...