Games for Mac OSx :(

I've 'switched' to Mac ever since university started for me, and i miss gaming. It's just easier to use some programs on certain OS's, like ProTools for music production, which is what i do. So, I'm interested to hear of games for Mac that YOU play :)

I know Tomb Raider and a few other big titles are out on Mac but maybe you beautiful people can help me out and inspire me to expand my Steam library :)

PLEASE: No AppStore items because it just simply sucks. I bought Bioshock 2 (favourite franchise) but I just simply want ALL games in one place and I'd like to get achievements :P


Thanks a lot guys, I'd really appreciate any on-topic answers

you could always install windows and have pretty much any game you could think of

downsides are ~$100 cost, the extra stores space of another os (i believe larger estimates top out at 30GB), and having to reboot the machine to go between games and the rest of your stuff

edit: didn't realize this was posted in the mac section, you probably don't want this but i'll leave it in-case you hadn't thought of it

Well, Steam has an entire store section dedicated to OS X games. You could also just use BootCamp and run Windows and be fine.

What?  You should be playing Farmville, Candy Crush, and other games in Facebook... unless... ewww... you are one of those gross gamer types.  Isn't that why you joined the cult of Mac?

*backhand* No... bad

have recently downloaded (Steam on an old mac):

  • Half Life 2 (includes Portal as i bought the Orange Box on steam). HL2 is a great game so far. Haven't played Portal yet.
  • Counter Strike. Still one of the best FPSs from when i used to play.
  • Team Fortress 2 is free i think. It's "ok". A bit repetitive to be honest and not much fun solo.
  • Super Meat Boy. Haven't played yet. Indie platform game.
  • Trine 2 is a pretty and fun platform game. Haven't completed it though. Played it for a few hours on a friends laptop actually.

I'm not the best person to ask as I'm only just getting back to gaming (hence playing the old titles that i missed). You've probably already checked out the above.

Mac is great. My hardware is over five years old, but it still looks good, feels great (aluminium FTW) and performs well. The OS is lovely and usable. I thought of dual booting windows, but the idea of giving microsoft more money doesn't sit well with me as i already pay them excel extortion money and a license for a couple of work laptops.

Anyway, check out the Mac library on Steam and compare it with the top ranking games on Metacritic. Most of the good ones are there, apart from the games that have a lot of dungeons-and-dragons / lord-of-the-ring type themes.

Some Valve games on steam.

Krater: Shadows over solside, A-rpg check it out pretty good.

Cities in motion 2, build busses and trams and shit for a city.

All on steam.


have played a few hours of Super Meat Boy. Its fun. i bought i for $3-4 on steam so worth checking out if you like platformers.

If you want to play modern games than your mac book is not going to be useful. Theg graphics cards build in there are usually not very powerful :-/

Like the others said you will probably have to install Windows alongside mac os, but some good games like league of legends and diablo also have mac clients

Witcher 1 and 2

Civilization V.

A large number of windows games can be found for Mac here:

There is a guide somewhere on there explaining how to get the windows version of steam running in Mac so you can get the required game files for some of the games (assuming you already on said games on steam).

Be sure to check out the legal requirements of using any wrappers from that site, last time I checked they borrowed heavily from existing software and games on Mac OS X.


+1 Excellent games

First game I would play on that mac is called windows.

did you get anything during steam sale?

Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Kerbal Space Program, Bastion, Don't Starve, Left 4 Dead, Portal 1 & 2, and more in the pipes.

Plenty of games for both Mac and Linux users now.