Games Deals for New Zealand

Hi Guys

I have been tuning into your Youtube channel for the last 8 months and have seen the light and decided to stop my shameful theft of games online. I have uninstalled all of my pirated games and have signed up with Steam and GOG. Time to do it the right way and support the people that have created these games, colon right bracket.

I am however in a Pickle, The game deals on here seem to be unavailable in NZ (my main reason for my previous sins was a lack of disposable income). Is there a site that has similar deals for us here in in NZ or is this a NOOB question and I am just doing something wrong when trying to redeem them?

Thanks and keep up the good work.


The serial numbers from GameFanShop will usually work anywhere in the world. I would email first though just to make sure. Do you get the deals on GOG? deals

Sweet thank you will do. Yes looks like GOG deals works for me.

Thanks again