Games crashing on Windows 10

Good morning. I have a Windows 10 machine with a Core-I5, 8 gigs of ram, and a GTX570. The drivers are the latest available from the "Geforce Experience." All my games are installed through Steam. I nuked and paved and the only things installed are Chome, Steam, and nvidia drivers. Any game I launch crashes as soon as I launch it. I have the error log from msinfo32, but I have no idea what I'm looking at. Is someone willing to take a look and tell me what might fix it? Here is the error log with a couple of attempts to launch Trine2 and Watch_Dogs near the top.


Did not look at the log because that is above me, but you do need some extra things like directx and visual c++ redistribuable in diferent service packages from microsofot in order for games to work. Theoretically you should get these via Windows updates or on game's first run on Steam but those are not always the case.
My sugestion is to manually search microsoft site and install them yourself, then see what happens.

Thank you. The items you mention were installed on the games' first run. The games will start and run, but not play long. Usually less than five minutes. I forgot to mention that the video card temperature seems ok when this happens ~140 F. or so.

12/27/2016 10:49 PM Application Hang The program SystemSettings.exe version 10.0.14393.0 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel.

Although, since critical windows programs are failing and chucking out kernel errors, that means that the fresh windows image that you installed was corrupted in some way. You will need to re-download a fresh image, and check the SHA1 hash of the ISO.

Damn. Thanks.

I had similar problems but I found what caused it Evga precision x was overclocking my gpu all by itsself I just turned the clock speed where it was supposed to be and have not had problem since.. Just something you can check.

I downloaded a fresh Windows 10 via the media creation tool. With a fresh install, Steam, the nVidia drivers, and what whatever updates the OS installs it still crashes in exactly the same manor. The error log is full of the same sorts ot stuff as before. It's a dual boot machine, so I did a SMART test on the drive and it reports no errors. Any other ideas? Is there a way to capture all the updates and move them to another machine? I have only a 3 meg DSL and a reinstall of 10 takes a long time with all the automatic updates.

How large is your powersupply?, can it handle both cpu, and GPU both running at the same time?
remember a 500 watt bronze, is not 500 watt but 500W*0,8-0.9 watt which it can deliver to the system
Normally if your CPU recieves to little power, it has two options. Either do something which is not right. Or downright shut down your system.
So if your PSU is juuuust a tad to small for your system, it can be the result in some horrendeous, not to mention extremely frustrating errors.
As a fix try maybe updating your BIOS, intel drivers, and what not, which sometimes fixes errors like this.
Reason im asking is it sounds like if your GPU is put under stress(Which takes up alot of power), your CPU gives up cause it recieves to little power, which can either mean BSOD, or an execption in windows depending on the severity.

It's a Corsair CX600. The machine ran Borderlands 2 and Arkham City without doing this.