Games crashing after installing new AMD Omega drivers

I just installed the new omega drivers and now i cant play any games without it getting texture bugs and crashing. I have 2 asus matrix 7970's and before updating they ran every game problem free. Please help!

the same is happening to my second pc don't really know why that would happen but what i would do is go back to the old drivers you had installed and just waiting it out till a new update comes out to see if they fix the problem.  ill tell you if i find a fix.


Omega gave me nothing but trouble.


Same here man

I know it is not your card but there were reports of Sapphire R9 290 OC's having issues due to the cards bios. 

Check around and see if there are any similar reports about your cards. 

Omega is working great for me with my Sapphire R9 290 (non OC) and have have good improvements in games.

Go to CCC, reset everything to defaults. Then under the gaming tab, go to 3d performance, then go to surface format optimization, turn this 'OFF'. Then go to tesselation, make sure everything is set to 'USE APPLICATION SETTINGS'.

(BTW) Im one of those users who has a sapphire r9 290 oc and once i updated the bios all is well.

Well that's helpful to know, as soon as i open up msi afterburner my pc crashes. Hmmm, guess I'm going back a driver.

My hd 6870 is running everything fine with omega. It is prob card based.

A clock-regulating utility can definitely get confused by a new driver so that's the first thing I'd look at. I didn't have any iissues with my R9-290 running the latest Afterburner, but then I wasn't overclocking with it either.

That might explain that then. The other day i was playing The Crew and I run without GPU overclock, but considering the frame drop I tried OC in afterburner and it crashed bad. 

Though I just messed up the OC. You might have worked something out. I will have to test this. Could be that Afterburner needs an update to deal with the drivers.


EDIT: Okay so In Afterburner everything is fine right up until high mem overclocks come in then it break everything.

apart from having trouble with one game (crysis3) the omega drivers have been rock solid for me.

I run the omega catalyst driver just fine, there was a thread when it came out and there were people complaining but it was just user error.

Although the other day I came home and mygfx card fans were stuck at 100% had to clean the drivers.