Games crash to desktop randomly

So, I have this problem with my computer that if I use some program, it will crash randomly to desktop. It happens like every 10 seconds with my browser too :/ Can somebody please help?


I build this today: GTX 770, Fx 8350, 8 gigs of ram 1600 mhz, ssd, 1tb hdd

Is it because of some fucking windows updates? :D

It could be anything really, we need more inforamtion. First thing that springs to mind, though is driver problems. Make sure you're using the correct drivers and maybe try re-installing.

What drivers shoud I look into?

If you're using Windows 7 64 bit then you should be using this

Its like something is popping to my screen, but nothing is popping :/ When im example typing to web, I cant suddenly type anything unless I click to browser back again

And I already have that driver