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Games Crash on Steam - Arch Linux

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I made a post on here. I’ve decided to embark on slowly making the switch over to Arch Linux on my Dell Latitude E6420. I’ve got the basics of it down and have XFCE4 installed as my desktop. My laptop has the nVidia Optimus technology, which is making it difficult. I have follow this guide; using the bumblebee method. When I try booting up a game from steam, either the game crashes or steam crashes while using proton. I have also tried inputting “primusrun %command%” on the launch settings and get the same thing.

Spec wise my laptop has an Intel Core i7 2640M, 12GB DDR3, 120GB HDD and an nVidia NVS 4200M.

I am not much help here, but since you are using ArchLinux, did you look at the wiki.

You need to run steam from the terminal and put it into verbose mode so you can see what is happening. I would not be surprise if you are missing a lib or need to run update-alternative to point to the right lib/so. Also, you need to ensure that you have multi-lib configured because steam requires 32bit and 64 bit drivers for graphics.


I was actually missing something. I noticed I didn’t have my pulseaudio installed. Once I installed that, everything was running nicely after that.


Awesome. Thanks for following up. I hope this helps anyone in the future.

Same. At least I was doing this on my laptop and not my desktop. Especially with a fresh Arch install.