Gamer Food

what does everyone like to eat/drink while gaming for an extended period of hours??

Tea in a huge jar.

beer and pretzels

Lucky charms and the occasional small child.


now i feel fat...I have a 2 liter mtn dew and 2 taco bell family packs 

I eat food that I cook during the day. The range of food is too large to list but its basic meats and stuff. I don't buy cheap crap food to eat.

"MountainDew is gamer fuel" - Boogie2988

Iced coffee, sun-dried tomatoes, candied ginger and other dried fruits.

Tea, coffee, beer, cookies, ice-cream and Froot Loops, things I cook, dip and crackers, fruit... Dolphin sandwiches... it depends on what I have in the pantry/fridge/freezer/how much money I have.

Tea, coffee, milk...sometimes Moxie or an IBC if I feel like having the sugar.  Lots of times I'll make a sandwich to eat, barbecued meat or cold cuts.  (Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, etc.)  I hate sugary drinks and energy drinks and stuff like that.  

Sandwiches!, frozen fruit, cheese and crackers, rice and fried egg, and tea cannot froget the tea.

Usually just good ole PBJ..but pretty much anything i can find in my fridge besides condiments..which is what i have most the time..

I am Jacks raging lack of money



As for food, I like trail mix, beef jerky, spicy taquitos, granola bars, toasted sandwiches/subs, and cheese and crackers.

Water or coffee here. If I do eat while gaming then I prefer wheat pita bread and hummus. Oh and peanuts.

A piece of tri-tip that has inhabited a smoker for the past 6 hours.  With a side of candied bacon covered in nutella.  It also calls for tea.

mountain dew ironicly and toasted sandwiches.

Pepsi, Burger rings.

AND! I walk up to 7 Eleven to get it! I get mah exercise.

What might i ask are Burger rings? Are they like onion rings but with out the onion and in its place are beef and cheese?

monster energy alot of tea because im Englsih!

All depends on the game

Stratergy and Flight Sim's = Green Tea and some sort of Bacon dish

shooters, action or RPG's = Beer/dark rum and fast food (ie Pizza)