Hello Teksyndicate!

Recently I have been considering buying a Xbox One controller for my PC, however it is 60$ and seems a bit too expensive. However I have also been looking at gamepads and they seem to be much cheaper in general. Are there any gamepads for less than 50$ that are wireless, vibrate, and are easily compatible? Or should I just buy a Xbox One controller?

You could pick up an xbox 360 controller and it will work the same and save you some cash and it should pretty much have native support in most games. I use a PS3 controller cause already have a couple. but requires extra software. 

But for most compatibility and ease of use get either a 360 or One controller. Every game i've played on PC that has gamepad support is usually mapped for xbox controllers by default. Other controllers will work fine, but when the game says press B to jump it will actually be the B button on the Xbox controller.

What software do you use for your PS3 controller I tried to set one up a while ago but never had much luck.

I used to use Motion Joy/DS3 tool and it was just buggy and full of ads. and the controller would have to be paired again if it turned off. but just about a month ago i found this new tutorial and it is awesome. Super lightweight and it just works. here is the video. just follow this guy step by step and you should be golden.

Thanks I will have to give it another shot.