Gameing pc help/opinions needed

Its been quite a few years since I built a computer, and since me and my wife should be getting some money our way soon I figured it would be a good time to get new ones for gaming. 

In all my searching lately the amd fx 6300 has poped up, because of the price to power. I was looking into the 8 core 8350 but I'm unsure what motherboard to run it with.

I picked the motherboard because in the future it would be nice to run the gpu in sli. plus add some extra ram if needed and this one seemed to tick all the boxes.

This is what i have on the list so far. Opinions and recommendations on pretty much everything would be greatly appreciated.

Seems like a solid build to me. If you can afford it, go for a 4670k.

That build is solid but just a few suggestions.  I'd advise to get some low profile RAM, you didn't list a cooler but if you ever decide to install an aftermarket cooler the tall heatsinks on the RAM will limit your options unless you go with water cooling then wont be an issue.   Note on the PSU, it's fine for that build but since you are planning to run the GPU in sli i'd reccomend getting a larger PSU

Motherboard is fine and you can Overclock the 6300 if you get a cooler. motherboard should be able to handle it too. the upgrade options are great as well but if you know your going to sli get a bigger power supply. Great build thought!

I have that exact motherboard and i love it. I have an 8350 sitting happy in it and it works great in tandem with my hyper 212 evo cooler. I'd get a better cooler when i do overclock but its fine for now. The motherboard is great and i highly recommend it. I'd also look at the ASUS 990fx pro R2.0, it may be just slightly better than the gigabyte.

I looked into i5's and such and even though this is becoming a bit spendy I decided against it. I don't want to push it up even more in price. lol.

As for cooling I was thinking about the NZXT kraken x40. What PSU would you recommend? I was thinking of switching to a 750 gold.


I was able to find enough savings to get you a 770 and an 8320 for nearly the same price:


Edit: Forgot the memory :(


750 gold would be good but bronze would also work comes down to what you want to spend. As to a recommendation just get a PSU from a reliable Mfc.  Antec and Corsair have never let me down and seasonic is another brand known for quality.  Also logan did a review on Fractal Design PSU and really liked them.

not quite, forgot to choose memory. good build though

Crap.  You're right.  Let me try that again..

Apart from the already pointed out PSU for the SLI why not get a 7950 or 7970 GPU and as far as the high profile RAM AMD chips are cooler but if you need to overclock and install the aftermarket heatsink get the Be Quiet top flow dark rock 10 CPU cooler plenty of High profile RAM space other than that spend $10 - $20 more for a 2TB drive ps you wont need the 8 core 

I will have to look into all these suggestions =D and add to the list. I looked into the 7950 too, but limited by prices as its a his and hers build. Really this will be 2 separate systems with the only difference being number of screens and peripherals.

I just looked at logans fractal psu vid and seems pretty good I will have to give that some thought too.

So as it is i have this build x2 

The second system will only have 1 screen though and no 1tb hdd since I have one laying around.

I was still thinking the NZXT x40 for the cpu cooling just incase we decide to oc sooner rather then later.

So I think the only thing I need suggestions with is:

RAM - is there a better type or cheaper somewhere that i missed. 

CPU cooling - is the NZXT x40 good for it with enough space in the system or is the  Cooler Master Hyper 212 enough for now

and any case suggestions to fit all this in o.O.. and omg m33b thanks. those screens are the same but way less in $$$ =O

For the most part, RAM is RAM, so as long as you have 1600Mhz or faster, you probably won't notice much of a difference between them.  Try and stick with a reputable brand and get as low CAS latency as you can.  Expect to spend around $70 - $80 for 8GB of DDR-1600 or 1866, whichever is on sale.

The Hyper 212 is a great cooler and should be completely fine for this build.  You could even do a bit of overclocking with this cooler.  The NZXT cooler will be better, of course, because its a liquid cooler, but is completely unnecessary.

As far as cases are concerned, it's really hard to make a suggestion because the looks/design usually comes down to personal preference.  

I just bought a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 on Black Friday, and I love it.  The build quality is excellent, it's got plenty of room for good airflow, and the cable management is awesome.  

Corsair, NZXT, Fractal Design, Antec, Cooler Master, and a few others make really good cases.  Look at the reviews and pictures and choose whatever you like.

lol I was looking at Fractal too.. got real happy when i first saw it for my name sake =D. 


Anyway guys thanks for the input, I guess I just wait till the money comes in and boom =) I'll let you know how it goes.

Since your doing a his/hers build and looking to trim some costs you may want to go with a r9 270x it's not as fast as the 770 but is faster than the 760 you were originally chose.

RAM - NewEgg has a deal on g.skill ares faster speed that what you have.  As m33 said just need to look for reputable brand and your set

CPU cooling - if your undecided on what kind of cooler you want to go with you can always just get it later just add a fan or 2 to improve airflow

Case:  m33b is not exagerating about the arc midi 2 is awsome but the FD core 3000 offers a lot of the same great features mainly being able to remove top HD cage to get direct airflow to the GPU.  added a fan so you can mount 2 140mm in the front (move the included one from top to front) and install 2 120mm in the top/rear for nice positive airflow.


You really don't need a 750 for this build. The gold rating couldn't hurt, though, and if you plan to run dual GPU's then I'd say go for it.

this is a bit of an old post but i am bumping it since my moneyyss come in =D

final choices need to be made.. heres what i have for sure

but people gave me lots of ideas on gpus so which of these do you think..?

dar said in the last post the r9 270 is faster then the 760 but i dont know what i am missing here.. the clock speeds are faster on gtx.

i'm kinda leaning towards the gtx anyway because i have always dealt with nvida and never had issues you know? but is there somthing awesome about the r9 besides the lower price =P

also has anyone had any dealing with either or both of these gtx's and which do you think is better.. staying cool and such

anyway thanks guys in advance =) 

R9 270/270X usually has better price-performance compared to the GTX 760.  It performs similarly to the GTX 760, but still not as fast.

I've had an HD 7850 (similar to R9 270) and am currently running an HD 7950 (similar to a R9 280X) with no problems

i was also thinking of changing the mobo just because the price on this thing is going high. 

i was thinking of changeing it out for a ASrock970 extream 3 r2 heres link o0o maybe in the future il oc a lil but i dont know..

mostly thinking about the now and budget. anyone have a idea of a better mobo ?