Gamecom 780 vs Razer kraken vs Logitech G430?

Witch one should I spend my hard earned cash on?

I have the 780 and it is okay, nothing wrong with it functions perfectly, is okay for music if a little light on the bass, fine for games like CS:GO as long as you stay away from the surround sound, but I sorely wish I had bought a good pair of stereo headphones and a Modmic. 

A friend has the Logitech G headset and loves it. 

Why are you looking at these in particular? 

I don't want to spend over 60 pounds I herd those two are good for that price range.

I like my 780 but I finally snapped the band right above the swivel. Accidentally stepped on it while getting up to see who was at the front door. Oops. Sound is alright, and it covers my ears. Fairly comfortable. Mic is halfway decent.