Game tournament

Tournament is cancelled.. 


Hello everyone... 


so, for me lately there isnt anything fun and challenging so I am willing to create a game tournament. 

I have vocation next week so I have some free time.

To make it little bit interesting I am willing to buy a game or game for tournament winner or winners. But I need to think of some kind of entry fee (I am not a millionaire you know.. :D )
First if all we need to agree and vote for game we are playing.. And of course we need to think of game we want to win...


I prefer a FPS games.. but we can play pretty much everything.. 

Link to survey.. 



You can contact me via [email protected](.)com or marcis_mk (skype)  


Id be willing, probs bf3 for the game or cs go, but i cant pay for entry

I love Crysis 3 fo rmultiplayer. I pretty much hate all FPSs, though. I really enjoy Black Ops 2 Zombies, but hate the multiplayer. There is always Counter Strike. Rise of the Triad (is it out?) looks amazing, as well. I would love to play a Teksyndicate CS game, though :) A Quake of Half Life 2 Deathmatch game would really fun, as well.

I could do crysis 3

game recomendation: something relitvly cheap that doesn't need a beast to run it

like crysis 3 costs like $60 and i probably cant run it

and cod bo2 costs $60 and doesn't account for slow harddrives (you get spawned in even if the game hasn't loaded yet) 

Good Afternoon


I dont much like FPS my self but a games that would be good would be TF2 its free easy to set up and as for the give away I have an extra guns of icarus I can offer up to the table so we dont have to have a buy in




Maybe counter strike?

Seams the best idea would be to play some free to play games or something realy cheap... I have 12 DOTA 2 gift codes so if we wanted to play DOTA 2 I will give for those who dont have it...