Game suggestions?

does anyone have a game they have played/playing alot of recently ?im not really into MMO's or that sort of genre but i do enjoy multiplayer!  

my current games are!


:dlc quest

:dont starve

:garrys  mod



:left 4 dead 2



:starwars battlefront 2


:war of the roses

:war thunder

:elder scrolls morrrowind,skyrim and oblivion

hopefully this give's you an idea of what sort of games i like any suggestions please!!

Just keep an eye out for the Steam sales, dude.

You seem to be into the "party" games chivalry and natural selection are on sale for I think 7$ 

Just picked up this bundle on Amazon, I have heard great things about this game so I decided to give it a chance, I also didn't mind getting all the DLC and a copy of Borderlands: GOTY Edition.

otherwise look at mods, there are a lot of fun mods out there. (hidden: source for example)

otherwise play fallout 3, and new vegas, they play a lot like skyrim, but i think they are more fun.