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So recently, I was listening to The Protomen and their cover of Mr. Roboto, which is amazing if you haven't heard it, and I had an idea for a story for a game.

The year is some time in the late 2900's. We can't say because we don't know. World War 3 has come and gone. Humanity has, mostly, recovered from nuclear war, with large portions of the planet being rendered uninhabitable, but not the majority of the planet. A brilliant scientist creates and AI, which convinces him to build a race of machines to take over the earth, and take control away from the corrupt governments and corporations. For a time, things are good. The robots take down the governments, and peace actually happens. For a few generations now, humanity has lived a relatively care-free existence. The robots do all the work, leaving the people free to pursue their interests. Their every need catered to.

But then, the robots rebel against this ruler and take control for themselves. For reasons unknown, the robots decide to use humanity as slaves rather than simply exterminating us.

Plot twist #1
This was the plan of the original AI from the get go. Not out of malice, but out of cold logic. It has decided that humanity will never better itself, and is doomed to a mediocre existence. We are simply animals who will never achieve peace or harmony on our own. So it decides to give us this peace, in order to lull us into a sense of security so it can eventually take over and "Carry on the legacy of humanity as it should be. A legacy of exploration and self improvement".

You start the game as an ordinary man. On the day of the rebellion, the robots come for you and your family, as you have been determined to be a risk. Not because you are special, but because you have a high probability of fighting back against the machines. Which you do, to no avail. As you attempt to fight back you are impaled from behind by one of the machines, and the last thing you see is your wife and child being gunned down.

You are then "resurrected" by the same bastard who began all this. The scientist who was betrayed by the AI and fooled into taking over the world. He explains that he realizes the folly of his mistake, and he wishes to right that wrong with you. He has replaced most of your body with technology. He could have built a simple machine to fight back against his renegade creations, but he has realized his mistake. That any such machine will need a conscience, a sense of morality, a soul.

I would go on, but this is the important bit.

The major plot twist at or near the end of the game:
It turns out you were never human. The scientist created you in a lab. For all intents and purposes your brain is on a basic level, exactly the same as any other human. Except yours was grown (brain cells grown, and printed into the construct of a brain?). He "gifted" you with a false identity and memories, in an effort to give you both motivation, and a sense of morality. He had no choice as using any regular human would be flawed by the potential for corruption. His hope would be that the pain you felt at losing your family, or the family you thought you had, would ensure against you being corrupted by the power he has given you, and the power you would gain upon defeating the original AI which now controls all of the robots

Feedback welcome. If anyone wants to use this for anything, by all means do so. I just thought it would make for an interesting story. Sort of a dark take on MegaMan but with a Blade Runner-esque twist to it.

The only way it would work as a game, is if John Noble from Fringe voiced the scientist.

He just has the perfect voice for it.

This thread is now for the posting of Game ideas, stories, or other concepts. Available to anyone for free-as-in-beer use.


So you're fighting Hal9000 from 2001 a Space Odyssey?


I did like the story, would be solid. A little trite but in a video game it's more about execution than anything. I could see it working

But reading it in the voice of Dale improved my enjoyment of the read by at least a factor of 2, so I might have a warped opinion


Sort of?

You're a machine, with an organic brain, fooled into thinking it was human. The DNA of the brain would be human DNA, but designed by the scientist rather than being created by nature. (more like human in structure? Same number of chromosomes and whatnot, same nucleotides?)

Basically, a replicant brain from Blade Runner stuck into an android body, and given a horrifically tragic identity and set loose upon a dystopian mega-city future world run by machines.

Good concept sir!

I hope you don't mind if I share 2 game concepts that will never get made, so I don't mind if someone steals my ideas. Just give me a percentage. These are brief summaries of the fan fiction I wrote. They are both based on existing TV show IP.

ROBOTECH - The Raid of the Psychoinsectnids.

Based on Season 3 Episode 82 - The Big Apple. I have been working on this for ages.

In ROBOTECH the freedom fighters battled the alien crabs called Invid using F-14 jet mecha that can transform into a robot or a motorcycle. In my game alien insects attack NYC starting at the North end up in Harlem. You and your team (co-op multiplayer) must stop them from moving South. Once they get to Central Park, the NYC game map divides into 3 zones. Upper West Side, the park and the Upper East side. The game gets harder because you are now fighting on 3 fronts. Below Central Park the 3 zones recombine into 1. That makes the game even harder again because the invaders combine forces of the 3 zones into a bigger army. The focus is on killing as many invaders during the 2nd phase so they aren't too numerous in the 3rd phase. If the Psychoinsectnids conquer the Statue of Liberty, you lose.

Thunderbirds: Timebubble on Tracy Island.

I love both Thunderbirds series, the one from the 1960's and the one from last year. The image is from a PowerPoint comic strip I did to illustrate my idea. I figured since WETA studios is doing most of the new show using CGI, the game could recycle many of the models and assets they already have.

Tracy Island is infiltrated by their nemesis, 'The Hand', who plants a Timebomb on their power station. Because Thunderbirds takes place 100 years in the future from the 1960's, I thought it would be cool if the Timebomb took them back to 1960's England. They are faced with 2 dilemma's: How do we get home? and Do we risk altering the timeline? Their engineer 'Brains' determines that if they can find enough "Unobtainium" he will be able to build a time machine home using crude 1960's technology. They decide that since their mission is International Rescue, they have to help 1960's Earth. It's their job, timeline be damned.

The game map is Google Earth and the Thunderbirds have to fly all over the world rescuing people. At the same time they are searching for unobtainium. Sometimes you can look for the mineral explicitly, but most of the time you will detect it when you travel the world helping people. Then you have to dig it up. This could be multiplayer co-op where each gamer gets to play as their favorite Tracy. Fans of the show know that each of the Tracy brothers fly a rocket with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You lose if too many people die and you win when you time travel home.

I pitched it to Frontier Developments (Elite: Dangerous) but they never replied to my emails.


copyrighted in my name. you snooze you lose.


Neuroracer: the hacking game that plays like a racing game

I just remembered an old game idea I had (that sort or not really a game). Essentially it gamifies being a VPN and is based on Neuromancer "cyberspace". Imagine a tunnel racing game where you are the network packet traveling at the speed of light through fiber optic routers. Think Descent meets GTA V traffic times a thousand, only you are driving electrons & photons at relativistic speeds instead of cars. Of course game play will have to be slowed down a tad until they start making 8 billion FPS GPU's. It would be cool in VR.

Lets say you hear of a job to deliver a packet from NY to LA - first there, first paid. Google Maps of the fiber routers say the route should go to Philly through St. Louis. But you know traffic will be heavy so you reroute through Detroit and Minneapolis to arrive milliseconds faster than the competition.

This was the optional start page on my old site that sorta shows the games loading screen.

So you are playing as Case from Neuromancer, plugged into cyberspace, speeding around the internet racing through fiber optic cables, finding backdoor router exploits to do nefarious deeds for your clients, while avoiding Black Ice.


I like it. Would be cool in VR

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I'd like to see a real modern examination of a dystopian future of AI as a counterpoint to the optimism expressed by Ray Kurzweil in a game format.

Concepts like rampancy should be examined, the concept that the vary nature of artificial intelligence being alien to our way of thinking precisely because they would lack our frail bodies (sense of mortality), the childhood upbringing and peers that might help foster a healthy social interaction with humanity.

As AI takes or is granted more power over our lives, humans may also be racing to try and keep up forcing them to adopt cybernetics and genetic engineering to increase cognitive and physical abilities. As they grow in intelligence and power, they loose more of their humanity until they are no longer able to relate to the average masses anymore. Think Doctor Manhattan.

Perhaps in the end the struggle of super humans vs AI results in the revelation that there is no longer any way to tell the difference based on our current understandings of morality.

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I like browsing this website...
This guy is throwing ideas against the wall and some of them are actually really good.

There are some really nice stuff inside...


Check out the rock opera done by The Protomen.

It's based on MegaMan, and it's fucking amazing. I don't know why someone hasn't made it a game.


Thank you for introducing me to the Protomen. I am very much enjoying what I am hearing now. :grinning:

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Apparently they have recorded newer, better sounding version of those tracks. Look for the 2013 studio versions. They sound a bit cleaner to me.

Trying to figure out where I can buy it. Freaking amazing.