Game Recording Help Needed

So, I'm looking to buy an Avermedia capture card. But the problem is I don't think I have the slots for it. My PC specs can be found on my profile page, and also I'm pretty sure my sound card is discontinued (an AWESOME guy at my local IT/computer store gave it to me). The thing is I want an Avermedia, but I don't want give up my sound card. Are there capture cards that use the graphics card slots? (PCIx16?) If so link please! In the meantime, I will be recording with Fraps because of the insane quality Fraps records in. I've heard that if you have a hard drive just for recording to it will reduce the performance drop from recording. Is this true? Becuase I have an extra laptop hard drive but its only a 5400rpm drive. Is it worth using? Also, how simple is installing a second hard drive? Is it as simple as plugging it in and moving files to it? I know nothing about multiple drive setups or RAID so bear with me please. Thanks ahead for any help!

You could get an external capture card, I know alot of the capture cards used to capture Xbox and PS3 can also capture PC games.

True, but they are pricey and most of them have sub-par quality compared to Fraps it seems. I might give up my sound card, idk.


you can plug that card into a PCI-E x16 slot... it doesn't have to be a PCI-E X1 slot.

Small ones can fit into big ones :P That thought is just to funny to me

If your planning to record with fraps, for best performance you will need to record to a drive that isn't being read from. So say your playing a game, you would not record to the drive that, that game is installed to.

HDDs your best to use a 7200RPM or faster. 5400RPM desktop drives (such as the WD Greens) aren't fast enough. On average 720p footage burns through around 4GB in around 4-5 minutes and 1080p around 1-2 minutes. So the faster the drive the better. Raid 0's are nice and fast and are a good option if you have 2 slower drives spare.

I wouldn't recommend using a capture card unless you plan on recording from a console.

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No need to be a smartass signal.

I'm not worried about the space it takes up, I can always move it over later. How complicated is setting up RAID?

I stated how much storage space they take up along with how long it will fill that space to give you an idea of how much data is being moved. and why it requires fast storage.

Refer to chapter 3.5.4 (page 3-21) and chapter 5 (page 5-1)

Read that through carefully as it covers pretty much everything you need to know about setting RAID up with your mobo.

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It says I need two new identical drives. So instead of just buying a second Seagate Barracuda I should buy two identical smaller drives?

RAID 0/1 does require 2 identical-ish drives (eg capacity, speed). As i said previously  

 "...2 slower drives spare."

You would be best to just buy another fast drive, if you dont have 2 drives spare. As long as it is a 7200RPM or greater, there shall be no issues with running it as a standalone recording drive.

Ok, I think I might just get another Seagate. Thanks for the help.

apologies, I posted before thinking. I would have worded it different in retrospect.

I use 2x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB's in RAID-0, and can capture 1080p+ with almost full quality (game dependant)

I can record BF3 on a mix of medium to high settings I can record in almost full quality 60fps 1080p using Fraps with only around a 5 fps drop on average. I just want almost no drop whatsoever. Can you RAID-0 two identical drives even if I am already using one? Or do they both have to be blank?