Game Recommendations

I just built a pc about a month ago, what games should I pick up? Any must haves?

What games do you like?

Go on steam and download all the f2p games.

I'm into first and third person shooters, but i'll try anything, the only thing I don't want is rts and horror games.


Planetside 2

arctic combat (generic cod clone, free), ghost recon online (third person cover based shooter, free), warframe (futuristic third person shooter/slasher, free), reciever (not much of a "game" but it's an interesting experience, fps where you have to do every little thing with the gun, $5), bastion (hack n slash must have, $15), killing floor (co-op zombie wave based survival fps, $20)

all i can think of at the moment that you might want to try

its kind of an fps but iv recently been playing bioshock infinite and i really enjoyed it, its action packed and generally a well made game :) (just my opinion) 


it's a sci-fi free to play ninja third person shooter game. 

Im playing the new tomb raider and i think its really good, also the graphics will let you really see what your system can do.

Goofygoober. You used to play xbox, right? I remember having you on my friends list. Do you remember a te sekr ? 

Bioshock infinite and bf3. Yes, they are mainstream but bioshock is phenomenal and bf3 is one of the best recent fps games.