Game recommendations for console gamer

Yo. Just got my new computer. And i was wondering on what games to start with first. This is my first gaming pc and i wanna know which game is a must play for a console gamer switching over. I know TF2 is a must, but I want a game that I could get the full pc experience and know that this investment was a good choice. Thanks in advance.

pc expereince: deus ex

investment worth it: crysis 3

Skyrim's definitly a must even if you have played it on console before (dem mods).

Total War: Shogun 2 (my favourite of the series so far)

Planetside 2 is great especially with friends.

Garry's Mod, again especially with friends.

metro last light if you what to take your pc to the max, but try out planetside 2(free to play) dota 2 Day-z Raceroom(free to play) blacklight retribution CS GO chivalry medieval warfare Eve online --> Valve Complete Pack (its 66% off for anuther 12 hrs)

I actually have the amd a10 6800k apu for now. Eventually i will get gpu, but im not sure if i can run metro LL above not to sure.

Yes metro on a a10 is pushing it but you will be able to run everything in the valve pack.

Metro on a A10 5800K

Not to bad actually. For now im probably going to play stuff like Civ 5...or black messa. Nothing to high demading for now. Skyrim is pretty good on this apu right?

If you dont mod skyrim you will run it ok on a apu.