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Hurry! only a short time left. Sorry for the delay.

I love games for the art of creating immersive environments. This is not a game.
It is an interactive Art Project.
The music, the colors, the ballet like grace of being a robot mermaid that can ride on a fishes back.

The "game" is very easy and short, but there is an interesting story going on, if you can figure it out.
In the mean time just dive in and enjoy this beautiful bargain.

The Summer Sale 2017
1500+ Deals up to -90% (DRM-free)
Rebel Galaxy FREE with your first purchase


Outland is free if you add it to library before the 8th


GOG is having the summer sale and these few are only the Lazy Game Reviews collection.


Anyone who purchases one of the GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 1050 Ti, and GTX 1050 graphics cards, systems powered by these cards or select notebooks with NVIDIA mobile graphics will receive a FREE Rocket League code for PC.


The Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition cost me only $11.29 Canadian. An awesome deal!


I don't know if this is normally free..But it is right now..

Edit: Linked it in Payday2..Because the steam link would not work or something..


Empyrion galactic survival is half off, so it is $9.99..


$7.49 for both games..About 18 hours left on this deal..


Pay Day 2* was free over Steam a while ago. Just 5 million copies though. not sure if the deal is still live, though Steam summer sale might start soon. alternatively cdkeys and humble bundle keep on offering decent deals over digital copies.


I already own this tricky brainteaser puzzle game. Think of it as a maze game on a printed circuit board.

Chrono makes 1 game deal available each day.
Act quick, because this game won't be there tomorrow.


At this point, I'm collecting coins from that site until they put a compelling game at the shop because I missed out on Brigador.


Yeah. The games seem OK for little indie titles, but I haven't seen one that I am willing to spend my coins on yet. It's not that the games are bad, it's just that I'm not interested in the types of games they usually offer.

Except for today and of course I already paid full price for my copy.


In three days, I will reach my third legendary streak and garner a ton of coins. They had some good stuff in the beginning, just that they got sold out. Hoping something interesting and compelling comes out soon.


Titanfall 2 free week on PC/PS4/XONE (untill 18th june)
Includes campaign mission, The Beacon, Pilot Gauntlet & full MP.


no tux no bux, and Origin, eek a diabolical platform that is worse then steam for sure.

ALSO On GOG for $1 less...

Both work on Linux, might get Valley but will probably wait until Tyranny hits the %75 off mark.


You can get this game free at Indie Gala. They will give you a Steam key.


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault is on the house at Origin (EA).


Fantasy General for free on GOG, pretty old (1996) but still not bad :slight_smile:


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