Game promo and discount deals

For me it’s Dragon Age: Origins +DLC +Awakening, back when DLC actually meant new/extra content.

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I apologize but my ADHD-brain will not stop pestering me until I make this joke.

Anyway :slight_smile:


Over on GOG there is a big ol’ sale going on with SEGA publisher games. Think Alien Isolation, the Yakuza series (which I highly recommended!)

In the event you are looking for Yakuza I’d recommend getting the bundle (which I may have mentioned before in this thread :smiley: )

Or the Warhammer bundle - another good one (also previously mentioned in this thread)

Offer valid for 7 days 02 hours 55 minutes at time of writing


Ohh, I was mistaken

Origins is the one I plays. Cheers bud


This was before EA decided women shouldn’t look too hot in their games. I think Morrigan was the last hot looking character model.

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If you are a fan, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is 80% off on Steam.


Well the new free game on Epic is Farm Simulator 22. If you haven’t tried one of these games, they are surprisingly relaxing.

Also don’t forget to get the free Agri-pack add on.

The promo is good until May 30th.


stop, hammer time (its free if you add to library"



Gladius is also free on GOG

Offer valid until 30th of May 2024

And there’s also a free digital goodie bag:

The goodie bag contains:

(Newletter subscription might be required to claim it)


EPIC Weekly giveaway

Chivalry 2

Please note that only the base-game is free (for the time) - all other add-ons/editions are still at-cost (but discounted for the duration of the giveaway)

Offer valid until 6th of June 2024, 5PM (17:00)


Focus Publisher sale

Over on GOG there is Focus publisher sale; that includes sales on:

  • The Surge (1 and 2)
  • Vampyr
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Necromunda: Hired Gun
  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (1 and 2)
  • Shipbreaker

And a lot more. The sale also includes a lot of the available DLC’s/expansion packs - so might be worth a peek or 2 :slight_smile:

Offers valid until 11th of June 2024

Pride Month

For pride month, GOG has several games listed and split per category so you can pick what/whichever you’d like (male romance, female romance, choose your gender etc.)

Not all games that are split out per category are discounted (just 219 items listed)

Notable entries might include:

  • Greedfall
  • Disco Elysium
  • The Walking Dead
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
  • Fallout: New Vegas (ultimate edition)
  • Unpacking (I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for gentle, fun little puzzle game. It’s not long but fun - and it’s dirt cheap now :slight_smile: )

And more :slight_smile:

Considering the subject-matter, there are (of course) games that are considered mature/18+.

EDIT: attack of the typo’s! :expressionless:


An unpopular gem. Worth checking out.

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With the recent announcement of Steam not allowing accounts to be passed, I am more inclined to return to GOG despite the lackluster linux support


Can you please share detail on this?

Here is the news


I can imagine now. Post funeral. Lawyer reading my will.
To you, Barbara, I leave my house.
To you, Jeremy, I leave my stamp collection.
And to you, Johnny, I leave my google account (go knock yourself ouf, kid!).

I really thought this as something important. But it sounds more of an inventing a problem for problem sake. Imagined maybe that Steam restricted Steam account to one device (forcing to make a separate account for Steam deck or something).

Apologies if it is off-topic; but I highly recommend Heroic Launcher for GOG on Linux

Bonus: it also really works quite nicely on Steamdeck (speaking from personal experience :slight_smile: ) At least the GOG part, I don’t use the Amazon or EPIC integration.



Snowrunner 4-year anniversary edition sale (35% off)

If you wanted Snowrunner and all Year 1 through to 4 content at a 35% discount…

Getting the year 4 content at that discount

The discount can also be used in case you already own some of the content (for example the basegame but nothing else)

Sooooo this is going to be a weirdly specific situation but eh, it is a discount :slight_smile:

For those of us that play Snowrunner and already have the Year 1, 2, and 3 pass (I did say it was going to be weirdly specific, didn’t I?) You can buy the year 4 pass for € 24,99 (or your local equivalent)… ORRRRRRR - you can get yourself the Snowrunner - 4-year Anniversary Edition bundle that is currently at 35% off.

Since Steam, by default, won’t include items you already have in your library already, and the discount is applied to any (or all) items in the bundle - it will apply the 35% discount on the year 4 pass.

Again, this is weirdly specific to:

  • People that play/own Snowrunner
  • That already have the Year 1,2 and 3 pass
  • Want to get the year 4 pass

In that very specific situation you can get the year 4 pass for 35% instead of the full price by using the link above.

That said, come to think of it, no matter what - you get 35% discount on whatever content you don’t already own if you purchase the 4-year anniversary edition :facepalm:

You’re welcome and happy trucking!


As a reply to Steam it seems:

Welp. Thanks for Proton, Steam, but I will be buying GOG from now on.


How much of it is due to licensing deals from publishers and how much of is it due to valve being anti consumer?

I figure since GOG lists DRM free games so the publishers they work with probably have a more permissive license

Absent a binding court order, there are a few factors that GOG says make it difficult for them to simply transfer an account at the request of a user (or of that user’s last will and testament). At the base is the fact that GOG accounts and content are subject to limited, personal, non-transferable licenses—“This is the standard for digital services and goods,” Rybacka points out. In addition, “every game distributed on GOG can be subject to a separate EULA (End User License Agreement) which can separately detail what scope of rights is given to a user of a game,” Rybacka said.

Yep looks like it is due to licensing

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The current give-away over at EPIC is for Marvel Midnight Suns. None of the DLC/add-ons are included it is just the base-game.

Offer valid until 13th of June 2024, 5pm (17:00)


Epic weekly freebies:
Redout 2
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms