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Game promo and discount deals




Alan Wake is leaving digital stores like GOG and Steam on May 15 due to music licenses expiring so it is having a 90% discount on the base game and American Nightmare. Note that Alan Wake's American Nightmare will still be on stores but the base game will not. If you have an interest for this game, I suggest buying it ASAP or you will have to sail the high seas for it after May 15.

Steam Link


I enjoyed Alan Wake. American Nightmare not so much.


Mount and Blade free on gog for the next 47 hours...


Just Cause 3 is $15 at the Humble store.


read the thread name as Game porno and discount deals. Thought I'd head in.

Don't forget about Seems legit to me. Bought a few games from them. $34 bucks at the moment. Worldwide steam key.


Honestly, I am only shopping 3 places:
Steam, GOG and Humble Store...
UPlay have given me some free games, I have played only one of them. I don't even have an Origin account. Blizzard can suck my D and Bethesda can go right after Blizzard.
Prey for $34 sounds iffy to me dude...


Worked for me! Actually, it was recommend in one of these threads on this forum somewhere.


Serious Sam Complete Pack - 92% off...
It's serious Sam...


Next 2 days - Rising Storm free from Humble Store


Fallout 4 free weekend that started on the 25th and ends on the 28th. It is free for Xbox Live Gold members and Steam users. You can try out the mods also for free. : )



GWENT Public Beta is now live and everyone’s invited to play! Join players from around the world in a different kind of card game where winning is a matter of skill, wit, and strategy — no luck or mana required!


Right now there is a giveaway for a random Steam key from Bundle Stars. I don't know if you can only get it in an email but that is how I got it. The game I got from this was ....

One Finger Death Punch

Sign up for the email newsletter to make sure you see / get all offer they have possibly now and into the future in regards to giveaways.


Microsoft now has a 14 day free trial for their new Xbox Live Game Pass. Many, many titles to choose from.


Maybe it was me. @JokerProductions told me about cdkeys when I got Mad Max a few years ago. I get all of my game keys there now. The last key I bought there was The Witcher 3 on GOG last month. It included the 2 DLC packs, $90 at full retail value for $26. Of course that is an exception because the game is a year old. But even brand new AAA games are heavily discounted, usually around $40 for a $60 game.

Cdkeys is highly recommended and I have had no issues with anything sketchy. It just works.


I think it was you. Thanks for the recommendation! Would buy from there again.


GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DirectX 12 GV-N108TGAMING OC-11GD 11GB 352-Bit GDDR

On sale at Gigabyte's ebay page for $635, while they last.


Nice game...

A bit expensive though...


Half of the name of this thread is "discount deals" and it is needed for games so...
jus' lettin y'all know what I found. Next time I won't bother. sorry for the derail.

9th - 15th June Gears of War 4 free week.
Single Player: Prologue + Act 1 + Multiplayer