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Game promo and discount deals



Spec Ops The Line for 4,-Euro in the next 44hours...


New Humble Bundle. You can get Galactic Civilizations I for free.


Hand of Fate - 5,99


Endless Space Collection for $1. In regards to Endless Space 2 reveal.


FREE Saint's Row 2 for FREE on GOG for FREE...
In the next 48 hours... or a bit less... may be 45 hours now...


Thanks for the heads up but I already have it in my GOG library a long time ago.


StarCraft and the expansion BroodWar free...


BTW on GOG, for a limited time, if you own the Saints Row games on steam, you can use GOG Connect to get DRM-FREE copies.


Free Witcher game...

45 hours left...


DAAM, Daniel...
Back at it again with the crazy deals...

Euro Truck Sim 2 for 75% off on steam...
Not to mention the entire map and main content bundle cheaper than the main game's standard price...


Now that the Darksiders 3 have been revealed, Darksiders 1 and 2 have been extremely massively discounted for the next 46 hours....


This is a PREORDER sale with 25% off. Game NOT released yet!!!

Only release info is Q2 2017; no official date. Also this is for Digital Deluxe edition, non DD edition will probably be same price at launch.



I might preorder this. Rising Storm (Red Orchestra) is a fantastic game and I can't wait to get this. Might as well support the devs, plus get a few quid off. And if I get burned, then tripwire will be another company that I won't buy from (let alone preorder). Although I feel worried hearing about Killing Floor 2 (heard it was bad).


Some great games even in the $1 tier ..

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings and They Bleed Pixels are definitely two games that make the $1 tier worth getting.

Now of course you can pay more and get more games and also what is nice about Humble Bundle is money ends up going to charity.

Happy Gaming!


Shadow of War voucher I wont use (bundle stars)

30% off, 1 use. Tell when you use it. 1 day left.


Star Wars deals for May 4th.


Beta test

The Decksplash alpha started off fun but I got stuck halfway through the tutorial. I'm not good at 'timing a rolling jump perfectly into a half-kickflip wall ride' games.



Doom is ~20 thinking of buying it.

link isn't working here
The games I play are TF2 and Overwatch.
Do you think I will enjoy doom?


tries to shill for a quake live game code