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Game promo and discount deals



(Limited amount of days or weeks to get this so jump on it fast.)

Evolvation …


(Limited time freebie on Steam. Not sure if it is still available.)


Free for the next 24 hours.


Edit: Put in the link also.




Yeah I saw.

I don’t know why but I often have times with steam embeds here.


Let’s try this again.

Free till Monday - Murderous Pursuit


gg no re


Destiny 2 Free till 18th of November.


Destiny 2 of all things… Grind the game…


I am not even going to try to embed it this time.

Distraint: Deluxe Edition is free for grabs on steam.


The Darksiders games are so cheap right now… May have something to do with the third one coming soon…


Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion free if you subscribe (or are subscribed) to humbles newsletter


This is a really good game if you’re into this sort of thing. (the 4x genre, that is)


I don’t even know what this game is… But it’s free…


This is how the survival genre should be… And the developer even promised another 3 chapters to add to the existing game. Downloading it right now!



Star Citizen is free till the end of the month…


I bought this when it was still early access, and so did my wife. It’s a beautiful game and wonderfully executed. I hope they make more in a series in other climates; I think a scorched summer or even just boreal wilderness version would be awesome.


200 million dollars, it’d want to be free :slight_smile:


Company of Heroes 2 for grabs.


Oh, tooth and tail for 5 €…

I’m very very very very tempted…


Also Counter Strike:GO is now a free to play title on steam.