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Game promo and discount deals



Right now MS is offering to some Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for $1 for 1 month. Crazy deals! : )


A friend told me For Honor is free on Uplay. I don’t really want to go there, but if you remember your Uplay account it may be nice to try…


Free until June 25, 2018. You will own the base game.


Did they ever fix that ‘bug’ of how the game had poor netcode so people with lag-switches would always win.


I don’t play the bloody thing and my buddy haven’t had time to jump in it yet… So I literally have no idea.


On sale for $2

Flatout 2 is one of the best racing games ever!

It’s the type of game if you want to show your Mom what gaming is about, set her down and let her destroy some virtual sheet metal in a demolition derby. Everybody can understand that.

Also it’s great for LAN parties because it’s one of the few racing games where CHEATING IS ENCOURAGED. That’s right, in order to win you should smash up the other drivers or scenery and that earns Nitro.


Swords and Soldiers HD free on steam atm.


Why I can’t embed steam links properly? HALP!


Well, it’s Steam I guess… Steam being steam…


You know the drill. Free for a limited time.


Steam link is currently only $2.50

might make a nice emulator box


Definitely worth imo


I got one for $5 Canadian before and it was nice to use. Definitely get it if you can.


Supposedly these Warframe free promo keys expire today, so if some of you have them rotting there, share! :smirk:

It could have already ended, but I dont know how that ingame time goes


Twitch is giving away a free game everyday if you have Prime…


Next Up Hero

Excellent game.


Rocket league is both 50% off and free for the weekend (6-8th of July.)


Free Giveaway ending 7/14 at 10 AM Pacific Time!


huge bundle of linux related material for $15


Sometimes I’m afraid of buying book bundles from humble. Some Packtpub books aren’t very good. Is Starch Press better? I wish I could just donate but starving student here.


Starchy starch starch ain’t too bad, they have some pretty good books.

But do realize, you can learn most of that stuff through just working on projects and trying new things out