Game maker language (GML)

I enjoy coding and i am somewhat new to it. The first language i learned was GML via game maker 8.0. I now know the GML language very well and i want to make a indie game with it. I hear that i should learn Java, but i want to know if GML is a viable solution for programming. The game Hotline Miami was made in it, and it's on Steam!

The point here is, me and some friends want to make a game and try to get it greenlit. Because i know GML so well, i really want to make it in that. Would it be OK to do it in GML or is it really terrible?

I don't know if you would need to learn java or not, but if or when you have made the game tell us about it as it might be some interest in it and that will help it get on steam.

GML isn't a terrible option for making games, it is after all what it was designed to do, but as you develop your game with it you might eventually find it limiting and feel it holds you back a little. If anything I've found it too simplistic in the past and have had to conjurer really complicated methods of getting it to do what I want to do that I have later found to be really easy given a more complex programming language such as java or c++. 

Plus there is that multi platform publishing thing it claims to do..that in itself is tempting.


I don't know too much about this GML language, but if it works for you then it works. Although you did ask a question, so you are considering using some other language. From a programmer POV, learning a new language is always good, or at least trying it. And I for one can say that Java isnt really too hard to pick up. If you're serious about being a programmer then use java, you will learn a lot, and if you have questions, obviously just come back here. If you want to make a game with some friends, use what you know.

Also what ben said,  "you might eventually find it limiting and feel it holds you back a little"  truer words have never been spoken. SOO much this. You might find that simple things will take a little bit of cleverness to do in smaller languages. Obfuscation is a good word for it.