Game looks choppy

Hey when i play bioshock 1 and 2, and borderlands, and now tf2 the game seems to be choppy, like when i have my character veiw his surrounds the crossheir does move smoothly, it seems to move choppy/sticky. and in border lands the game is choppy, like the res is off and idk what to do, and my res is matching the res of my computer. Please help me. 

your fps is low put the graphic settings down.

but my card shuld be able to handle it, or at least the nvidia says so, i have a gtx 460


Thats a fairly old card. Other than getting a new card read this.

Nvidia says that it is able to handle the highest settings and i tired lower the settings and it didnt help it


Nvidia says your games are not choppy. Nvidia said your card that is 2 generations old will continue to support every game ever made untill the end of time. They also said you should give me a bunch of money because im so awesome and also cool.

Dont listen to this guy, Check your cpu while playing these games, is the CPU running at 100% or near? Or is it just using 1 core? This is were your problem could be as the gpu is being throttled by a bottleneck at the CPU, Overclocking is a good test to see if it reduces the bottleneck. See if the performance is better. If it is then the bottleneck is true. If there is still lag, your probly looking for a higher end cpu. I am assuming you have an older or slower cpu as your running a 460. One last note, If your CPU is bottlenecking and you have overclocked your GPU like many others, It will have a negitive effect, A lower clock on a GPU is better than a higher clock with a bottleneck. Just keep an eye on cpu usage. I find these gadgets to be great for monitoring your Hardware.

Hope I have helped :)

Yeah, also hwmonitor is good for temperatures. CPU could be the bottleneck since Team Fortress 2 requires multi-core CPUs (a GTX 460 is more than enough for up until just now), maybe it's poor antialising performance, disable that, maybe it's vsync that can't keep up to refresh rate. I'd reccomend you check temperatures first, then software issues/conflicts, then video card drivers, then benchmark after that. Good luck. 

is your problem more to due with game play being choppy or laggy or is everything running smoohtly but when u run around the scenery around u looks choppy, if u mean the second u could be getting screen tearing, in which case u can fix it by using vysnc