Game Lag

Could you do a Section on explaining what Game Lag is 

As you may no the Call of Duty Game Ghost has been plagued with this but its surprising on how many don't know

and what to look out for

also the differences between Network Lag and Lag on your PC  and what could cause this 

Well "game lag" is probably known to people as FPS drop. Basically its your computer that cant keep up with generating more than 30 images a second making the image stutter and look uneven. Alot of the times this can be fixed by lowering your graphics settings alittle. Game lag can also be that the game itself is badly optimized. Look at DayZ as an example, even very  high-end pc's have a hard time reaching more than 40-50 fps.

Network lag is caused by bad connection, packet loss, high latency to the server, background downloads/uploads etc. And since games are UDP meaning they just sent out and whatever reaches your pc is best effort, there is no way to recover lost packets but in the gaming world that would just mean you see the players move very fast from one place to another it don't really bother you much unless its ongoing for several seconds.

When you play your games, have a CPU and GPU load graph in the background and have fraps running to see your fps, then you can kinda see what needs upgrading :P

My issues are the game its self on multiplayer I have 60fps but it still lags as there using a p2p network and the host is fare away or they have poor internet

I'm a Fps person and it seems that games develpers are only bothered if it works on a xbox or ps 

I have found that if a game uses deficated servers there is no issue . You have cleared up alot cheers but what is it with p2p servers ?