Game Help needed

Hello dear forum members

during this holiday season i received quite a bit of money and i was hoping to spend a significant part of it on games

in particular indie games

unfortunately i have mostly only ever bought triple A titles

so i was wondering if anyone would like to recommend me some good indie games

i dont have a particular style of game i prefer so please do feel free to recommend any type

thanks in advance :D 

DLC Quest, the binding of isaac, contagion are some good ones. and they can be bought for a very cheap price on steam.

dust: an elysian tail

Don't starve, FTL (faster than light), Bastion, Terraria, Natural Selction 2, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Chivalry:Medieval Warfare is what I've been playing, & of course the Dayz Standalone

Antichamber, Starbound, killing floor, papers please, FTL, and Kerbal Space Program(KSP is a must have)

:D thank you so much

ill be sure to take look at these titles