Game gets stuck when PC is running?

I have a system with these specs:

Mobo: ASRock X99 Extreme4
CPU: Xeon e5 e2686 v3
GPU: 3060 Tuf Gaming
RAM: ecc 16gb
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Monitor: LG UltraGear 27GP850-B

I alway login game and turn off monitor when i go out.
I use HDMI cable , turn off freesync premium, turn off Smart energy saving, power led ON, hdmi compatibility mode OFF but i turn on Monitor and got issue in video. This game is not responding and freeze some sec after, i try to many way but it not woking for me.
Try to change cable , try to displayport so dont any thing to change.
How can help me to fix this isssue?
This video error : space 1seWsmgHXIs
please remove space over

Any other games with this problem?

do you have 2 screens connected to your gpu? if so remove one of them…
then plug your cable into gpu slot one and then into hdmi slot 1 on your monitor.

turn the monitor on and select input. and either select auto or set it to hdmi 1.

now turn the pc on, wait for boot. and you should see the splash screen and windows loading.
if it doesnt, and your screen stays black, try going into bios and setting the peg mode for the first gpu
select 1 for pci-e slot 1 or select what ever number slot you have the gpu in…
while your in bios
check you have hpet (high precision event timer) enabled.
save and quit…

now when you start the pc and get into the game.
if its a small square on the screen like in your video.
click your mouse on the box and press ALT+return/enter
the game should go full screen at that point.

Yep just this game

I use 1 monitor. I upgrade from full hd to 2k 144hz and got issue in new monitor.
With my spec PC here, i using normal and can turn on/off monitor full hd anytime i want.
But i use 2k monitor and got problem. I try to upgrade win10 but i need minimize client game after turn on monitor, this game not stuck.
I dont know reason this issue has happen.

it could be the cable.
if your using an old display port or hdmi cable, you may be running out of bandwidth when trying to run the higher rez screen.
see if you can find a 1.4dp or 2.0hdmi better cable and try that.

Isn’t this totally normal windows behavior?
The OS detects no display is active, so it tells the graphics driver it has nowhere to send the picture, and so the graphics driver sleeps, which pauses the game. When it gets somewhere to display, the game takes a while to be checked and resume running.

Maybe I’m just not understanding the problem exactly; It’s that you turn the monitor off, while the game is running, and when you come back, and the monitor is turned back on, the game freezes for a moment before resuming, right?


This is my thought too.

Also, consider upgrading to windows 10, if not 11. You are asking for malware if yku keep staying in win 7, especially as a daily driver.

depends on how you have background tasks set up.
if you pause background tasks in settings then yes the game would pause on loss of focus.
but unless you go into settings and turn off run processes in the background.
they should (unlless the game has an option) just keep playing while the desktop is in focus.