Game developers are actually getting smart

I wanted to share a little something I discovered yesterday.
There is a guy, who is fairly skilled in the area of video games. This guy's nickname is Durante. Yeah, that guy. The one, who fixed Dark Souls, the one fixing many bad pc ports, who runs a blog and basically if Gabe N is our God and savior, Durante is more like Superman. He helps whenever he can.
Well, there was a small game on the Nintendo Wii back in the game, named "Little King's Story".
Well... Little King's Story came out on PC. Horrible port. The game barely kept 30fps, stutterings all over the place, no matter the system. And it's a Wii game.
Then the developers actually did something smart. They contacted Durante, they asked for help, they provided everything he asked for, including the entire source code of the game. They even allowed him to write an article on their website, tearing them apart. The article you can read here:

Game developers are actually getting smart. Those guys fully acknowledged the fact, they can't fix this, so they turned to someone who can and didn't twist his hands with crappie paperwork and stuff...

Anyway, just wanted to share this ray of sunshine.


i didn't read the article. Don't hate me because I'm lazy.

If they can't port a Wii game to a PC, they shouldn't be in existence. /s

For real tho,it's a good thing they did what they did. Now other game studios will treat them as a Guinea pig and follow suit. This guy is gonna be rich.


They are Japanese devs. if you read the blog, the engine they used was custom made from the ground up for the original game on the Wii. They used the same engine for the pc version and the resource management is quite different in both systems


It's more likely that they couldn't afford to port it, not that they couldn't do it at all. If they built this as a one-off project (as the article suggests) and it came in over budget (it probably did), then I doubt they could do anything about it at that point.

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Someone had to be the first one to be smart. Now we just need to convince all the others to take the same route.

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I understand your point of view, my opinion is that not all teams start knowing everything.
At least they're trying and they were wise enough to seek help from the chosen undead Durante.


That was a badass story, was super happy when I heard it

Hope the GOG version gets updated

And now that greenlight is gone the retards are going to die down a little bit.

Not really... It's direct publishing now. No public curating. IDK how they will fix that issue, but hey... A step is a step...

They have to pay a fee to enter a game. Theres a team of actual people that rotate through other people bi-monthly and go through the piles of shit that are left. I forget what forum it was, but there was a tech forum that had problems with massive amounts of trolling. So they put up a 1 dollar pay wall and immediately the trolling abruptly stopped. The Something Awful forums have a 10 dollar pay wall and all the whiney bloggers that DO get in are basically banned instantly because they don't go well with the forum.

Greenlight already had a fee attached to it. I believe it's something like 100$. This didn't solve much.
The fact there will be people looking at the games is actually a good news.

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I just hope it's really the best move for good indie devs and that the steam library doesn't get flooded with crappy games (which kind of already is).

Well we have the Cooptional Podcast and other endevours to help with that. They do through a list of releases and talk about what ones they like and if they really like them they do a video. It gets sales, gets put in a list on the front page.

Free Market Advertising Yo

Here it is on GOG 40% off...

That $100 was a one time fee. I doubt the Digital Homocides out there will want to fork up per game,

So we are not encouraging the good devs to make games. We are encouraging the rich ones to make whatever they can..
Yeah, nothing is fixed...

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I wonder how the Wii version plays on an emulator, good on them for not fixing the issues.

Dafuq the devs doing attempting to create a PC port then if they don't know what they're doing? Smfh, amateurs


That's what I said. But it turns out they programmed their own custom game engine that was specific to the Wii. Thus making hard to port.

It's been getting flooded with a lot of crap during 2016 as far as Indie games go.