🕹️ Game Dev Log 🕹️ Code Name: Hermes

Hey Level1Techs! I’m taking another crack at it again! My last project (shown on the forum) was in this thread.

This time I’m working on another game as a personal project. Been pretty into space stuff as of late. So I’m playing around with the idea of a space trading roguelike game. That’s why this time I picked Hermes as my greek god code name since:

He is also considered the protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves, merchants, and orators.

I hope to use this as an incentive to post regularly. Posting screenshots and videos are usually a nice dopamine hit to keep me motivated.

This time I’ve already been working on it for about a month or so I have a nice little backlog of things to post that I’ll drip out! Can wait to watch this project evolve with ya’ll!

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Post #1


The project unknowingly kicked off when I was researching and playing around with a pixel art post-processing effect for Unity3D. I love pixel art, but also love working with 3D. I really like this result since it allows models to be really simple (low poly with just vertex coloring), which makes it super easy to make and the post-processing gives it a unique twist. Programmer art ftw!


Post #2

With the remainder of my PTO, I was able to get in:

  • Some basic movement
  • “Asteroid” spawning randomly in the world
  • Mining tool that mines nearby asteroids
  • And the ability to suckup resources

Post #3

Make some progress today on the “Trade” UI. Thinking it would be neat if there were space stations where players could buy and sell goods. Mainly just playing and with this Unity Atoms framework that’s heavily inspired by this talk. If you’re into good game architecture, and you work with Unity3D, this is pretty much a mandatory watch.


Post #4

Noodling on the idea: Deployable miners. Instead of one being built into the ship :thinking:


What I miss in games where you can do space-trucking is an option to set up your own “shop” on a space-trade-post.
Just a simple “drop of your stuff”-thing or a “auto-buy when below this price”-option.

For sure! I think I definitely want to incorporate at least some basic trading systems to make a feel like there’s more of a living world around you.

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Post #4

Playing around with some THICC asteroids with gravitational pull