Game codes for a new gamer

Hey guys, i know it seems a bit cheeky to ask but ive seen alot of people who have spare codes for games and stuff and they give them away here. 

I was just wondering if you guys could spare a couple of codes to get me started with something to play because ive had to throw every bit of money i have to get something half decent...

i would be really greatful anything that you guys could give i just dont want to be stuck with nothing to play..

thanks in advance -matt

To start play some play4free. You can play FPS such as battlefield or SWTOR is now play4free. There are loads of games out there that don't require payment.

Hey mate. If you'd like, add me on Steam (echocoregaming) and I'll give you a copy of Terraria. Why? Because it was gifted to me when I asked for a free game, so I'll pass it on. Just make sure you pay it forward too.

Unfortunately, I don't have any spare codes. However, if you go to NVIDIA's facebook page, they're giving away Metro 2033 for free until tomorrow.

And there's loads of awesome free to play games. Here are the ones that I like the most: Planetside 2, Tribes: Ascend, Alien Swarm, Blacklight: Retribution, Hawken (Open Beta), and my favorite TEAM FORTRESS 2!

Look, it's the man who gave me Terraria. :) Lol. Also, I have a code for Metro 2033 if you (OP) don't see this until after the giveaway has ended.

I got a dota key i think. TallGeese Rabbit (steam name)

Thanks alot for your help guys, im new to pc hgaming so i dont know an awful lot about it...unfortunatly i wont be getting my pc build until about friday and my current pc has blown up! :( 

I've got a dungeon defender code and a couple humble bundle keys I didnt use.

Steam name: Pankstah

When you add me, I do have a dota 2 key. Thought I might not, but I do.