Game causing instability with audio/performance! Sound Popping!

Alrighty so my specs are as follows

CPU: i7 3770k(put back to stock for diagnostics)
GPU two GTX 970s(also disabled SLI to diagnose stuff to see if that was issue)
Mobo Z77 Sabertooth(Asus)
16gb 1600mhz Crucial sport
1000w CM Silent Pro psu
120gb ssd boot drive
250gb samsung ssd games
1tb mass storage/games

So I recently started getting into dragon age inquisition, I put it on the 250gb ssd and after around an hour or so worth of play time I start getting audio popping and crackling a bit with the sound. The more I move the camera around with the controller or mouse, it does it the most. Standing still nothing happens. Hardware monitoring shows GPU usage fine, not using 1500 of VRAM, temps are under 55, CPU is only at 30% and 30's for the temp, no memory leak cuz when it happens I'm still using 4-5gb of physical ram

I have to exit the game and for a bit the issue carries over to my OS, I can throw on youtube and while the video is playing if I move the mouse really fast I get cracking noise as well, maybe performance dips too. It gors away after a while, or totally when I restart. This doesn't happen with ANY other game I have, even the more graphically intensive games. I reinstalled it to the HDD to see if the SSD was having issues, but its not. This has never happened, and as I said ONLY when I run this damn game and no other game, while all of my hardware is 100% functioning properly and way under any hot temps, or anything bad. This game has been riddled with issues since launch so, just wondered if anyone had this issue before even if not with this game and if you have an idea of hwat it is. I think its just the shitty game running like crap on my machine and causing some conflicts of some nature. I'm in the process of updating drivers if I have any trhat need it.

Bios is up to date