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Hey LevelOne Team,

I been using FRAPS for a while. Purchased it few years ago and am running version 3.34 I believe. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good game capture software to record game-play? Free or paid I don’t really care. FRAPS is OK, just the file size is large and some editing software does not encode the video files right they turn out distorted.

Any suggestions?



OBS is free… It taxes the CPU massively though.
I love mirillis action. It’s crazy light weight.
There are also Nvidia Shadowplay and AMD ReLive software, depending on your videocard. Those are also both free.

Others I know of would be Dxtory, and I guess Xsplit has that functionality…
Dunno if Hypercam is still a thing?
Personally I use Dxtory, haven’t had problems with it, yet.

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from my personal use and testing for Webcasting and streaming i would look at Wirecast if you want to pay or its consumer version Xsplit is kinda buggy.

If you are using Nvidia, I recommend using GeForce experience, was Shadowplay. I have recorded and edited a lot of gameplay using this software with zero issues. The added bonus is that it has a very small impact on system resources. It is certainly not as fully featured as something like OBS, but it works well.

I have dxtory and is is really quite good. Lots of options for quality vs file size and system resource allocation like CPU threads. Is not free, but for my opinion worth the price.

I also use OBS and both are excellent at their respective uses.

Dxtory for recording and OBS for streaming.


If you were in linux I would say simplescreenrecorder.

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Depends how you set it up. If you encode via GPU like shadowplay or relive do it’s basically the same with more features.

Quality at lower bitrates using hardware encoders is kinda shitty in comparison though, but if you only record for editing later you can just record at a high bitrate since you’re going to re-encode on export anyway.

Mirillis Action! game recorder.

I like this software mostly because you pay only once, and you receive a lifetime license - all updates are free (+ new features are added).

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The world is in a sad state when this is actually unique selling point…


ikr… When I was young you know… software was still a one-time purchase.

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if your on windows 10 your system has one built in just hold down the windows key and g

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