Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5?

Hey guys. i have a huge dilema. the holidays are coming up as you may know and i am in the market for a new phone. i currently have a TMobile galaxy s2. I really want the nexus 5 because i spend a lot of time on my phone and i love the hardware in it for games and movies and i love the new kitkat software. so i am worried about the battery of the nexus as i play games and watch youtube a lot during the day also the screen not being as good as samsungs amoled. so if any of you own any of these two phones i would just like to know your opinion on the nexuses battery life and screen performance. thanks in advance.

The phones are so similar just go by which has the nicer feel in your hand. Battery life should honestly not really be that big of an issue, buy one or two of those portable charger things (they are less than $30) and you should be able to make it though a day of work or school even with fairly intensive use.

With a portable charger I'm able to charge my phone at lunch and I pretty much dick around all day during lectures and work, and I have a phone with a smaller capacity (nexus 4)


I personally would go with the HTC One google play edition or the new Oppo with a flashed rom due to their stellar build quality. Both the S4 and Nexus 5 are pretty plasticy.

Charger example:

thanks. not really a fan of htc phones. i love touchwiz but if the nexus is better screen wise i would go with that. reall just worried ill pick the nexus and i wont like it compared to the amo led i have been using.

I had both phones. I would say the s4 if you can afford it. The screen and battery life is superior plus you can carry an extra battery on the s4. Other than that the phones are pretty much the same

is that trade worth the older hardware and non google updates? especially for gaming and movies? im starting to not mind carrying an external battery or battery case when they make it. is the screen comparable or very different?



The thing is that their essentialy on the same level. Just look at the features and decide. The fact that the nexus 5 does not have tethering or SD expansion hurts though.

nexus 5. Or possibly LG G2. Or wait a month or so.


thanks guys so much for your comments. i think i will go with the nexus 5 because of the bang for the buck. and thanks Wendell awesome to see you.

For me both of these are great but i will rather choose s4 because of the specs and the fact that it has a good battery life which one of my common problem as always.In Finland there is an company that improving the battery or akut life so that many people will caught their attention.

I personally have the nexus 5, and its great. Really snappy, the speaker actually got considerably better with the two updates that came out, as with the camera, and the phone lasts me all day (around 4+ hours of on screen time when watching videos/browsing teksyndicate). Personally, if I had more money, I would of got the LG G2 because of it having mostly the same hardware, except a better camera, much longer battery, and probably a better speaker (compared to the nexus 5). 

I wouldn't get the s4 if I was you just because of all the bloatware it will have, and unneeded features and because its a bit old hardware and still fairly expensive. 

I say s4 only because of the removable battery and micro sd capability

That is my biggest gripe with it really. Though removable battery is not really game changing. Lack of SD card is coming faster and faster, might as well deal with it.

btw happy owner of Nexus 5, not going back to Samsung after this

I own an old school slider phone with a physical qwerty and have a lenovo x230 with extended battery. I only can speculate on consumer electronics at this point since I feel I am living the dream especially with verizon mobile broadband for my on the go stuff on the x230- I do have a used galaxy s2 and ipod laying around though