Galaxy s3 not able to connect to wifi router

Recently I am going back to galaxy s3 as the new 6000 mah extended battery arrived. However, I am not able to get my phone to connect to home or office wifi router even though wireless connection icon is on. Please help me!! THANKS!


Remove or 'forget' the network's AP, turn wifi off. Turn wifi on, then setup a new connection to the AP. (not router)

That will temporarily solve the issue. If you want to get nerdy and fix it. Look on xda and find how to change WiFi power saving with a build prop edit. I believe you have to be rooted for it to stick. 

(edit: I had the same issue on my vzw s3.)

looks like that phone supports 4g. Some phones WI-fi doesn't play well with 4g try turning off the 4g on the phone and see if that helps.

+1 Again ... turning off the 4g did the trick for me.  Dude your a machine    ... are you a robot?  lol


I'm beleive you fitchx check your scooter post ASAP

Thanks I checked it Im am going to take a look at the bike tomorrow when I wake up hopefully I can get at it w/o to much trouble.