Galaxy Note 9 DIY repair question

Anyone know how easy it is to repair the external hardware buttons on a Samsung Galaxy Note9? Mine have broken off and now I need to use my finger nail or a small flathead screw driver to push the buttons. If I can just replace the button daughter boards I’ll do it when I also replace the battery.

I haven’t opened this one up but i know someone posted a battery in the “what did you acquire recently” thread, so I could poke him.
But what did you broke ? The plastic external buttons or the electronic switch underneath ?

The external plastic buttons broke off, and the internal switches do still work. It would appear the spokes on the inside of the buttons that held them in place sheard off.

Found this tear down of the Note 9: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen and Frame Swap - YouTube
Appears that the buttons are built into the mid frame. Likely just easier to get a new screen+frame assembly from a reputable source and transplant the parts to it.

I guess so. It won’t be cheap, though. Take a look at this website. If they have the buttons, they’re likely replaceable.

Unfortunately the buttons themselves are not listed for sale. I’ll either end up getting the parts mentioned above or look at a new phone. Just wish everyone wouldn’t copy Apple and actually add in a headphone jack, USB-C port and Micro SD card+sim card slots…:grimacing::triumph::rage:

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i can find some power button,a,832165.html/
and maybe this full kit ?


nice find!

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Nice find!