GAHHH, I'm stupid, please help

I don't know where to post this so I am posting it here. I opened up my computer to show off the inside to my friend and I saw a piece of dust on the graphics card. For some reason I wasn't thinking and I used my hand to wipe it off. I immedialy reailze my mistake and I was hoping that nothing would go wrong, but now when I play games it is showing some artifacts... How do I clean it?


Touched the back plate of my graphics car and now it is showing artifacts when I play games. How do I clean it? 

I doubt it's getting artifacts from you touching the pcb..

i very much doubt its a bit of dirt cursing the problem, unless you were both rubbing yourselves in some conductive body glitter?

Though you could have done some static discharge damage

Cleaning wont help if you were charged and zapped something........but if you want you could get some isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush (make sure it unplugged from they system when you do it). 

Have you overclocked the cards?

Any stop using body glitter.

Yikes! Nooo.. Alcohol is kind of corrosive. I've completely cut it out of my PC building arsenal.

I always use Arctic Silver's cleaning and purifying solutions when I do any cleaning on a PC.

Rubbish*, Iv used isopropyl on PCBs for decades.

*(unless your applying it to aluminium at high temperatures)

Did you touch the back plate or the PCB?  they are two different things.  Also did you overclock the card?  if so then try setting it back down to stock.  If you never overclocked the card I would RMA it, unless your hands were wet when you wiped off the dust the card should be fine.

for cleaning I like to used compressed air, that stuff you buy in a can not an air compressor because moisture builds up and can be blown into the machine.

It is corrosive. Prolonged exposure of that stuff can do damage. Why take the risk on PC parts?

I bought a couple packages of the Arctic Cleaning stuff a few years ago and I still have it. It's not expensive either..

There is no risk.....

Aluminium is only effected by anhydrous isopropyl alcohol, not non-anhydrous, and even if exposed to anhydrous isopropyl it has to be LONG time exposures at high a PCB is neither long time exposure, or at high temperatures and is zero risk.

You can even clean acid corrosion on PCBs with isopropyl alcohol.

(I would avoid using it on PCBs with Polystyrene Film Capacitors.....but never seen them used on a motherboard)

I use isopropyl alcohol to clean flux from a PCB after soldering, never had a problem.