GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 PCI-E Bandwith 2 way sli and a Intel nvme ssd

Hi everyone

I am looking to buy a GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 to Replace a Asus ROG VIII Extreme as I am having issues with it. Will I have performance issues if I have 2-way Sli 980 over clocked Water-cooled and a Intel Nvme Pcie SSD? I can not find a PCI-E lane layout. Are all the lanes coming off the CPU or is it sharing CPU and Z170 chipset lanes?

If anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

Please tell me you have a 4k display

also probably not how many PCI-e lanes does Z170 have? , how are you having issues with your current board? and why didn't you go X99 given your apparent budget lol

Supports 20 from here, so you'd just max it out, X99 has 28 lanes at base with a 5820K

Also a PCI-e SSD really isn't going to be worth it, just buy twice as much sata SSD storage

That particular motherboard has a plx chip.
So it should basicly be no problem running 2 way sli with a nvme pci-e ssd.

Check this review from Steve about the G1 gaming.
He also explains about the pci-e configurations

Also Skylake cpu´s have 16 pci-e lanes directly connected to the cpu.
And 4 additional gen3 lanes trough dmi3.0

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Obviously yes because you are water cooling them :D

sorry i am such a bad person


Sorry but I'm not rocking a 4k display yet I only have a rog swift 1400p 144hz

My issues with the ROG VIII Extreme was to do with memory not running at rated speeds they would only work at 2133 I tried 2 memory kits (gskill 3000mhz 16GB/ Corsair 2666mhz 32GB) and 2 CPU's (6700k / G4400) still with no luck. The motherboard also took about 45 seconds just to post and kept getting tons blue screens.

I sent it in for RMA on it on the 19th of Feb 16 I was told it would be assessed and repaired or replaced and be sent back to my retailer in 2 - 4 weeks my retailer has still not heard back from ASUS and the are working with me to get a full refund or brand new board as it has been 6 weeks I have been with out a desktop now

Thanks for the heads up on PCI-E storage being way over priced but I already learned that one the hard way, it has great 4k random access reads tho.

If I get a refund and not a replacement is the worth saving up and getting x99 with a 5930K?

Thanks Again for your help.

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The 5820K is probably going to be fine, but ya X99 would be the better platform. Are you really going to somehow saturate 40 PCI-e lanes?

1440p 144hz is an acceptable substitute, hopefully it's IPS.