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Okay, my GA-MA-790x Came today. And you all know why I cant use it, (Ram issues)... Im selling it. Its completely unopened, and still in the anti-static bag.

Since it is unopened, and unused, im selling it for at least $100


Product info can be found here-

at least 100....

Its fucking 100 at microcenter lol

lol gg.

I'll give you $50.

No way is anyone going to buy that at $100 if they can buy it online for that price. You need to lower the price or include something worthwhile with it.

MicroCenter is selling it for $100 because of a sale...that sale ends tomorow. When the price will go back to $150....I bought the board for $200

Fine, ill include 2gb DDR2 Ram...(3 sticks)...sucky clocks.